Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rich with Money

Dear Reader

A common theme that I have had so far in #NaPoWriMo is one of struggle. I have struggled to write. I take great pride in my words and in my ability to create poems that have soul, pieces that have meaning. So imagine how I feel now. We have had some brilliant prompts, and I have been unable to create brilliant works. I am sure every writer goes through this. And so, I trudge on. 

For today's prompt, we were invited to write about money. Interpretation, form, style and substance were left up to us. And for that I am grateful. After writing a few different poems, I decided that none of them were something I could be proud of.  Finally I decided to fall back on a form of poetry that I adore, namely the Blitz. The Blitz has very specific rules which can be found here. When you read the blitz, read it quickly pausing only to breathe. I may not have written specifically about money, but I did reference it a few time in the poem. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
April 7, 2015

Love of money
love to be rich
rich parents
rich chocolate
chocolate bars
chocolate eggs
eggs are scrambled
eggs are boiled
boiled in water
boiled on heat
heat of the day
heat of the night
night falls
night is dark
dark is gloomy
dark is scary
scary words
scary thoughts
thoughts of money
thoughts of gold
gold glitters
gold and silver
silver cross
silver spoon
spoon fed
spoon in mouth
mouth to eat
mouth to talk
talk about money
talk about fun
fun at play
fun at work
work to live
work to earn
earn some cash
earn a living
living and breathing
living and loving
loving me
loving you
you are mine
you are great
great heights
great songs
songs of love
songs of money
money talks
money is power


  1. These always feel like an onslaught of sense and concept. I understand why they call it a blitz!

  2. Seems to me that you wrote a poem on how offers the freedom to live the life one wants (with freedom of choice), and how the fear of not having money can darken ones dreams and thoughts, and how the promise of money coming in makes space again for thoughts of happiness and joy and love.

    I love the ending, it makes me rethink this whole interpretation and think again :)

  3. Always loved Blitz form of Poetry.. its catchy fast and sweet.

  4. That has to be the single most awesome Blita I have ever read, Sir!! Fantastic work, Rod!!