Friday, April 17, 2015

Better Than Yesterday?

Good evening, dear reader. As I contemplated today's prompt and how I was going to work with it, I found that all my efforts were weak. My voice was not heard in my words, and my soul was missing. After the 3rd or 4th attempt, I decided to come at it from a different perspective. I wrote with my heart. My piece today is definitely something in which I can see myself, in terms of substance and style. 

The irony of my poem struck me as I wrote it, and I am sure you will too when I reveal the prompt. And this irony served as fuel for my creativity. The poem really flowed as I got into it. So, the prompt today was to write a social media poem. Initially I thought to try use different aspects of what I see on my Facebook wall, what I read in my Twitter feed, what is captured via Instagram and what I stumble upon in Tumblr. None of this worked for me. That's where the different perspective comes in. Please read the poem, and discover the irony that I find so interesting. I hope you enjoy day 17.

Rod E. Kok
April 17, 2015

I wanted to reach out,
to speak
face to face,
but all I could find
was a link
to send
a private message.

I cried when I heard
of your hurt
from a friend
of a friend.
I felt forgotten.

I tried to convey
to share my tears,
and warm you
with a hug,
but you were

I wanted to frame
a picture of you
and place it on
my desk,
but you only have
selfies which lack

I haven’t heard
your voice
for such a long time,
I guess your phone
doesn’t know
how to dial
my number.

I don’t know
what happened,
or when the fall
We used to be
so close.

We could walk,
and hear the songs
of birds.
We could talk
about our lives,
sharing secrets,
trusting each other
to keep it silent.

Now everything is
all settings are

I honestly don’t know 
if today is better 
than yesterday.