Sunday, April 12, 2015

For Dianne...

Dear reader,

Day 12 of #NaPoWriMo is almost a complete reversal from yesterday. The poet group I hang out with on Twitter cursed yesterday's prompt soundly. Today is much 'easier'. Our prompt today is to write a descriptive paragraph about something or someone we love, and then start cutting out words until we are left with nouns and adjectives, which form our poem. I sort of followed the prompt. I wrote my paragraph, and then wrote a poem based on the prose I wrote. Yes, I enjoyed today's prompt. And yes, I am even more pleased with this poem. It may be my best of April, for it reflects my style of writing more than any others. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
April 12, 2015

I cannot paint
physical pictures
which fill my eyes,
yet what my heart feels
is easily told.

Sunlight brightens my morning,
yet she illuminates

Apart by day,
hearts beat together
in harmony
through time,
over distance.

Air crackles with magic,
as we work together,
enduring mundane tasks.
We make
a perfect pair.

Physical consummation
bears ultimate witness
to our best description,
for a gentle caress
imparts feelings of

True love.


  1. Lovely!
    I envy you. Both for your ability to follow the prompts (I gave up) and for what you have with your wife.
    It's good that you can see what you have, helps keep the love alive!

  2. Aweee, this is really sweet, Rod!! Love it!! Also, I wrote my prompt in the same way. Wrote a paragraph, whittled down some of the words, and wrote a poem from what was left. :-)