Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Letter

I wrote some words
for you
to you
about you.

It took shape as
a confession,
me baring my soul,
all my inner thoughts
laid out,
ink on paper
for you to read.

I imagined your tears
staining the patterns
of letters,
smudging the words into something
I didn't want to write.

This letter revealed a message
of hope and fear,
love and lust,
desire and loathing.

But alas, you might only read
what you want to believe
as truth, denying me the chance
to exist in your life.

Yet I continue to write,
risking my own expectation of

But I negate the risk of
for I will never show you
this letter.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Time is Now

We shared a moment
so tender, filled with
a joy that only lovers
can understand.
Time stood still
ever so briefly...
we existed only
in each other's arms.
Our embrace melded us,
joined together,
being one.
Perfectly formed and fitted,
nuances of passion
surround us, cloaking us
in sweet tender
Holding you,
loving you...
time is ours, our time
is now...and forever.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victoria 6 - A Portrait

You may have seen me posting Twitter or Facebook messages about some work I am learning / doing in a program called DAZ Studio. I have been studying the world of 3d lighting, and using DAZ to create a character, insert him or her into a scene, light it and render it. Although there is much more to it than that, I have just given you the Cole's Notes version.

This is my first image that I am satisfied with enough to publish it. It is far from perfect. I have a lot to learn yet. This is a journey on which I can explore more of my creative side, and at times it will work hand in hand with my poetry.

This first render is of a character called Victoria 6. Victoria is the flagship character in DAZ. You see her here with pretty much her default settings. The only thing I added to her was the hair (yes, she arrives in the program bald!). I may have tweaked her eyes a little. I decided to do a portrait as my first render, as it involves the least amount of shadows to worry about. I'm sure I got my lighting wrong, but that's what the process is all about...growing!

And so, here is Victoria 6 - A Portrait.
(Click on the picture to make it larger)

Victoria 6 - A Portrait

Monday, February 3, 2014


Slowly words formed
in my brain,
designed to be spoken,
pass on a message
of hope, understanding...
Swirling about in eddy like fashion,
I saw the maelstrom of emotion
as you waited for the lyrics of
my thoughts to be presented
as an overture in your ears.
I sang
you listened...
and wept.
For my song was not
expected...it had no
melody, and the harmony
was flat.
Your tears weighed heavily
as they mixed with
my creative juices,
discovering in your sadness...
I discerned from emotion
your needs
What followed enlightenment
was talk...words with no
music, but meaning abounds.
Your heart focused on mine,
your eyes absorbed the shape
of my mouth as
expressions of remorse,
formed what became
a most intimate