Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inside My Heart

Good morning dear reader. Today is the penultimate day of #NaPoWriMo2015. The prompt today is something that at first seemed odd, and awkward to write about but as I thought about it, it came to me that this is exactly what I wanted. The prompt gives me the opportunity to write about a subject (or subjects, as you will soon see) that is very dear to me. Mention has been made in previous introductions this month of the 3 poets I hang out with on Twitter. We are a tight knit group. But, I won’t say any more about them. Read my poem. The prompt was to write ‘a review’ of something, or someone. Think along the lines of a book review. I took this prompt in the only direction I could. I chose to write an Acrostic, and finished it up with a quatrain. Lizzi, Jesi and Cindy, this poem is for you. I value you all so much. Thank you for the love and support. Always together, yet always apart.

Rod E. Kok
April 29, 2015

Four of us, drawn together by words
Our passions, our talents, on display for all
Ultimately we write alone, yet we bleed for each other
Responding in kind, we share a love for this craft.

Many tears get shed
Under the weight of emotion
Searching for interpretation
Keeping close to our prompts
Eager to pen our best yet
Thoughts of inadequacy fill us all
Even though our works are brilliant
Each of us has doubt,
Reason goes out the window in a moment of quiet
Searching continues for inner peace.

Lightning in a bottle, vibrant and alive
Inspiring, for her talent is overwhelming.
Zero days off, her work always amazing.
Zany at times, she always makes me smile.
I believe that there is no us without you.

Jam and crumpets, tea and sugar
Everything about you is amazing and fun
Seriously talented, you carry us all to new heights.
Igniting passion to all who read your work, you inspire me.

Color of spring, greens and reds is how I see you
Insecure at times, yet so full of intensely profound words
Nuances of seriousness, playful and jovial is who you are.
Deserving of everyone’s love. ‘Nuff said.
Yes, an integral part of our little group.

Regales us with words of love, passion, desire
Overtly displays his feelings, yet lacks confidence
Depicts himself as the old man in our circle.

No more words need to be said
My tribute is done, my pen it has bled.
Always together yet always apart
Forever remaining inside of my heart.


  1. This is utterly, utterly gorgeous. How can I even follow that? It's SO amazing, Rod. I am awed and humbled. I have SO enjoyed our little band of poets joining together again for NaPoWriMo :D

  2. Rod, as always, this is awesome beyond words. Being a part of this little group mean so much to me. I often feel that amougst some of my other (non-writing) group my poetry gets lost or ignored. So, thank you for being my friend and fellow poet/bard/minstrel!! ~hugs~ Just imagine the trouble the four of us could get into if well got the chance to meet?

    Remember, everyday is a new chance to be awesome and make great art!! Cheers! :-) ~BIG DRAGON HUGS~