Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

One of my predictions has pretty much come true. A while ago I said that I would not be doing much writing whilst being on vacation. And lo and behold, I was right. I have barely written in my journal and poetry has been quite foreign the past number of days. I am not concerned yet, because we've been fairly busy. My mind simply has not been in the writing mood. I have to definitely do some reading though. If I don't read, I can't write. It will all come back to normal eventually. I know it will.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

First day of holidays today, and I'm already writing something. This is a good sign. Of course, there is no poem in my near future, but that's ok. The 'near future' could all of a sudden end, and some sort of words will flow. I never know when these things happen. This morning just after my shower, I had a couple lines come to me. Definitely something I can work with. I will just have to wait for the right inspiration to come. But for now, I am going to have one more little drink and then head off to bed. I have nothing more to write. The well is dry.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My words are fire
They burn inside
My heart sings
With thoughts of you
Darkness exists
But light abounds
Awake or asleep
You are always
Everything I write.
All my thoughts.
My dreams
My passions
Come with me
Away, together
Be my inspiration
Be my words

July 24, 2012

What a day! I have churned the start of what could be three fairly decent poems. I also entered another poem in a competition, and I found out that a second of my poems is going to be published! I am so unbelievably stoked right now! Published! Me! Twice! Yep, I am excited. All of this serves to fuel the creative fires. I have started, worked on, edited and completed several pieces in the past couple days. It is an amazing feeling, and now I don't feel quite as bad for not doing much for a short period before all of this. It is good. No, it is great. I will hopefully be able to keep the mojo going for a bit. But at least now I know that when there is a lull, it will go away and I will write again. Another lesson learned. Another great day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

If the first un-official holiday weekend is any indication, I won’t be writing a whole lot.  Of course, being at my brothers is much different than being at my folks, so maybe I will be writing some.  I did churn out a poem this weekend…one that I really am pleased with.  I’m sure I will be publishing it on Fifafan at some point, but I just don’t know when.  Stay tuned, because I think it’s a good one.  And now, instead of writing more, I am heading off to bed.  I am tired and I have a really tough week of work ahead of me.  (LOL).  I’ll explain that another day.



Friday, July 20, 2012

The Words are a Blur

Too hot to think
The words are a blur
The lines on the highway
Race by
AC crapped out
Radio did too
I can't get my thoughts
To run straight
Nothing makes sense
The signs all point
In the wrong direction
I'm running out of gas
Aha! What's that ahead?
A light
A very bright light
I'm so confused
It's not getting closer
It's moving away
Just like the memory
Of snow-capped hills
The memory of cool
Of cold and of frost
The chill of the past
Becomes the future
We are close, my friends
Closer than you know
To a summer long gone
And winters frigid blast
Oh complain we will do
Of heat and of cold
And in our bitter rants
Our words are a blur

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

Well, this is kind of the start of my holidays. We are in Calgary this weekend (I am writing this from my brothers living room), then I work for 2.5 days and vacation until after the August long weekend. I am hoping to do some golfing, lots of stuff with the family and of course some writing. Hopefully I can find some inspiration for some poems. That would please me. I do have some stuff I can work on too, so I am not too concerned. I just need to get in the mood. It will happen. I'm sure of it. But for now, it is sleep time. And my tee time is at 0935. Happy golfing.

Where are you?

I wonder where you are
Why are you not listening
Why have you gone to the place
Where my words are not heard?

Does it mean so little to you
That I have something to say
Are my verbal thoughts

The place you have gone
Does not allow me in
My opinions
Are not welcome

I wonder why you left me
Alone to think aloud
Only to return
When I'm silent

Do my words hurt you
Do you feel pain
Or do you just
Not understand

You used to listen
We used to talk
Times have changed
You're silent...and gone

I wonder where you've gone
I want to follow
Even into the very depths
Of the deepest sea

Don't you see it?
Can't you hear?
I love you
Where have you gone?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

Today was a good day for writing. I didn't actually start and finish anything, but I did some really important editing of previously written material. I also jotted down some ideas for new stuff. I can't remember if I've mentioned it before, but I am not much into editing my writings. I don't like to tinker too much, especially if I have written the piece whilst in 'the zone'. So doing that task today was a huge step for me. I know that I need to become more comfortable with it. A really big help for me is that my wife reads everything I write, and gives me feedback. She tells me if the words flow or not, or if it is crap or not. I treasure her help. She is helping me become a better author. I still wish for more feedback on my poems that I put on, but it is not likely I will get it. So, I will remain pleased knowing that at least a few people out there are reading my work. And I won't fret about the popularity of a piece. If it's published, that means I like it. What more can I ask.


I wrote this poem after 3 days of frustration in a computer lab at my work. It was fun to write, but I suspect that the non-techie crowd may not get everything that is in it.  But, please enjoy it anyways. 

At every step you thwart me
Your mocking beeps get tiring
No matter what I try
You try to upstage me
Dragging me down
To your pit of wires
Forcing me to curse you
As I sink into the mire
Damn you, computer
I am the boss
Believe me, computer
I will win
With sweat and tears
With blood and fury
I call in
The reinforcements
You cringe
You cower
Your time is near
You will bow
To my orders
And finally you get it
Partitioned and pardoned
You accept the image
Of the 7th iteration
You boot and reboot
And give a bashful grin
For you know
That I always win

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

And once again, I have neglected to write anything in my journal for a few days. I have been writing some poems, so it's not all a lost cause. I'm not sure on the quality of my work, but's writing and it's creative. What more can a guy ask for. The last couple days have been a bit dry though, on the creative side of things. It's almost like I am forcing it. I think it's because I need a holiday. I need a break from life in the city. This weekend we are going to Calgary, followed by a week in Coaldale a few days later. I am really looking forward to both of these trips. I hope to write a lot, or at least get some ideas down and give myself something to work with. We will see how that goes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

I did a little bit of writing today…I wrote a poem about my work.  It is a little glimpse into the past week at work.  The title was given to me by my tech partner Yvan.  And like my poems before it, the words came very quickly and when I didn’t really expect it.  One thing I am noticing is that once I have written, I don’t like to edit.  Oh, I will change a word here and there, take out a word and maybe add a word, but for the most part my poems don’t change from the first writing.  I am pretty sure that I am breaking a rule or twelve.  But that’s ok.  I am very happy with my work.  And if I ever take a course in writing, I will consider changing.  But for now, ignorance is bliss.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

I am so excited right now, I can hardly type. One of my poems is getting published in an online magazine, followed by the paper version of the same magazine! It will be so cool to see my name and my work in print! However, it is a bit awkward, because the poem I submitted for consideration is one I have not posted on Fifafan. I consider it to be one of my best poems, but I honestly don’t think it would be well received. If I had to rate it, it would be a 16+ poem. By no means is it pornographic…I don’t believe in writing that crap. But it is very sensual. I consider it a work of art. Others may vilify me for it. Such is the burden of being creative. I suppose at some point the poem will get out there. If you want to read it, let me know. I may let you. My wife has read it, and is comfortable with it. Although she agrees with me…most people I know will not accept it. Thus it won’t get published on fifafan. Ever. But, it remains my favorite. For now.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Without You

Sitting under the big sun
The heat makes me sleepy
In a lethargic state of mind
My thoughts are on fire
My feelings sweat out of me
Sunbeams dance on my brow
A smile plays across my lips
My heart beats in time
Majors and minors
Music surrounds me
I'm trapped between worlds
Of reality and fantasy
The clouds whisper to me
Their message is conveyed
In their soft visage
All roads lead to you
Every fork that is presented
Is always the right path
Right and wrong
Hold no sway
Even as the sun settles
Down the western sky
Everything is about you
All questions ask the same thing
What would I be without you?

July 11, 2012

I haven’t put together a decent poem for a couple nights now, but I have come up with a couple of lines or thoughts that I really like.  I will most likely work on expanding them into a full blown poem at some point.  As with my short stories, it seems to go in bursts.  Times of incredible creativity and times of complete writers block.  As I tweeted, I am waiting patiently for the inspiration.  It will come, I am sure of that.  I will continue to scribble down lines, ideas and random thoughts.  Each one of those is a seed that may grow into something beautiful.  Some of it could be weeds, and some of it may not grow at all.  Write it, and it will come.  Final thought of the night:   It’s a good thing I don’t make a living at this.  I’d be broke.


Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Time is suddenly a bit of an issue.  My life just became a little more hectic.  Not lots, but a little.  I am going to work very hard at the new position I have within our church Council, and I will strive to not let it interfere with my writing.  My duties to the church will always come first.  I know that may be hard for my friends who don’t attend a church, and that’s ok.  I suspect that not a lot of friends actually read what I write.  I am pretty sure, actually, that my stuff is not read much at all.  And that’s ok.  I know a couple people who read it…and I’m happy with that.  I will strive to write.  I will continue to create pictures out of words.  I will continue.


The Long Journey - A Haiku Chain

A multi-versed Haiku about my wife’s journey through cancer
Many years of health
Blessing flowed abundantly
Laughter, love and peace
Without permission
Beneath the surface growing
Tumors of evil
Tears of fear crying
Uncertain times lie ahead
Love will get us through
Sickness darkness light
A vicious circle of health
Winter days so bleak
Spring days get longer
Sunshine through the clouds breaks free
Haze covers us again
Summer brings a knife
Malevolent lumps removed
Only scars remain
Autumn winds blow hot
Skin red but not from sunshine
Bid cancer goodbye
Winter brings healing
Snowfall comes with hope renewed
Normal is brand new
Life continues on
Rivers flow to the ocean
Laughter Love Health

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

A few days later, I finally show up again on my journal page.  My absence does not mean I haven’t been writing.  No, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I have been writing a lot.  I have pretty much got 3 more poems ready to go…I just want to do a bit of tweaking yet.  I will not be publishing them on right away…they will most likely go on another website first.  Maybe.  So, about the course I was thinking about taking.  The decision has been made.  I will not be taking it.  My reasons are my own.  I am not going to stop writing poetry, I love it way too much.  And so, carrying on I will go…and I may even try to make something rhyme.


Winter Thoughts - A Haiku

The thoughts in my head
Snowflakes falling from the sky
Swirling randomly

Friday, July 6, 2012


What does a poet need
to compose a thought?
Where is the inspiration
That starts as a tiny seed?

How do the words form
into pictures of the heart?
Do the eyes of the scribe

Is the laughter of a child,
the smile of a baby,
or the hug of a loved one
Enough to make it blossom?

Maybe it’s the smell of flowers
Or softly falling rain.
Perhaps the crashing of waves
Up on the shore?

Perhaps the tinkle of ivories,
the strum of nylon strings,
or drum beats and cymbals
make the words flow forth.

True inspiration
comes from the core,
from deep inside
where passion lives.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012

I have to write this one real quick, as technically it is already the 5th.  I didn’t get any writing done, but I have been doing plenty of thinking.  I may yet try work on a poem, but we’ll see how that works out.  I struggled yesterday with the thought of registering for a poetry course.  I am getting closer to doing it, but I need a little more encouragement.  Hopefully soon I can make the decision final either way.  Not sure this is 100 words, but it’s close.  See ya next time.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

The last day or two have been quite productive.  No, it’s not anything that I have posted on my website, but rather it is some poetry that I have written and had published on a different website.   And as I have intimated on my Facebook, some of it will never see the light of  I really suspect that some of it would be totally vilified by most people I know.  It is the people I don’t know who are appreciating my work.  Some of what I write is not family friendly.  Some will criticize me for that.  But I say it’s artistic freedom.  Argue it if you will, but I will keep writing what is my passion.  The hashtag was #WriteItAnyways.  And I will.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012

Today I managed to do a little bit of writing.  I worked on a multi-verse haiku that is in the early stages.  I also worked on another poem that most likely will never see the light of day.  It is one that I wrote / am writing for me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…poetry is a great way for me to reveal some of the passion that lives within me.  I don’t have any other way of letting it out.  As for the haiku, I am not sure when it is going to be done.  It has been a tough one to write, but it should be quite rewarding to finish.  And so, I continue to write.  Where it leads, I have not a clue.  But it will be a fun ride.  Good night, and Happy Birthday Canada.