Friday, February 27, 2015

Symphonic Love

We should lay under
warm blankets,
listen to slow music,
and let a symphony take us
to breath-taking heights
as love provides
melody and harmony;
you and I

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We flew together,
soaring higher than
our dreams ever took us.

Hand in hand
we rode warm currents,
watching earth slowly
getting smaller.

An eagle followed us,
screaming displeasure
at our intrusion
in his lofty kingdom.

Laughter echoed
between majestic clouds,
love carried us
along this magnificent journey.

We took flight,
holding each other

And though it seemed
like we were flying,
we always remained

Monday, February 23, 2015


Dear reader,

This poem is not targeted at anyone in particular, but rather it was born from pent up frustration at the way my craft and my passion for poetry is perceived. You may not like poetry, and I appreciate that. It is not a genre for everybody. You may not understand the words I write, or relate to the things I write about. That's cool. Not everybody gets it. You may not like me, and I appreciate that too. 

Read the poem. I will take the knife out, and carry on. And maybe someday my words will mean something to you, and you will understand.

Rod E. Kok
May, 2014

Do you even realize
what damage was done
when you spoke?

Is there understanding
that your words
caused pain?

Under a guise of humor
I was brought
to my knees.

Will you go on forever
not knowing what you

Or do you secretly gloat
over the knife that found
its mark.

I consider you
a friend, but as I pull the blade
out of my soul,
I have one hope...

That you are

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Never Apart

Dear reader

The following poem is my first contribution to the #1000Speak movement. This is a group of over 1000 voices who are doing their part to flood the world with compassion, in whatever form it they choose. Compassion means something different for everyone. I hope that in some small way, my struggles with depression and my choice of words in this piece will touch someone. Even if 1 person finds something in what I've written, then I have achieved my goal. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Rod E. Kok
Feb. 19, 2015

From murky shadows
my voice whispers,
reaching out to those
who cannot find
their way.

Mired in cold depths,
I fight my way out,
seeking kindred spirits
to travel this rocky shore

A tale of two struggles,
I know not where
to focus my prayers.

I ask to be healed,
I beg peace
for you.

Alas, torment exists
coming and going
from my mind
to yours.

My cry is passionate,
yet weak.
I will embrace you
for the sake
of warmth.

I will walk with you,
sharing our fears...
we will end up alone
but never apart.