Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm afraid...very afraid.

Hello dear reader, and welcome to my new blog site.  I have transferred over all the posts and comments from the old site, but there is one big difference between this one and that one.  This one doesn't have a guestbook.  I've tried one of the 'widgets' that are available (the only one I've found) that would give me a guestbook, but I really don't like it.  Thus, any comments you have can be made under the corresponding blog entry.

Ok, so...why am I afraid?  It happened.  I told you I would let you know on the status of my dreams and the fulfillment thereof.  Let it be said that I'm afraid.  Very afraid...and excited all at the same time.  Let me explain.

Last night, as I crawled into bed, I felt a very fuzzy, cottony object rub up against my back.  It immediately gave me shivers and goosebumps.  So, I turned the light on to check it out.  Obviously I can't sleep with that shivery sensation.

And there it was.  No, not an X-Box controller pinned to the bed, nor a remote.  But, my pillow was being held down by cottony web.  And my wife was sleeping blissfully.  Was she aware she has this power now?  And cotton?  I thought silk was the fabric of shooting choice.  Must be a new radiation, but either way no object in my house is safe now.  She has the power.

Dear reader, I'm afraid.  And I have the coolest wife ever....I bet none of you are married to a real live superhero.  The proof is in the web....I am.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new day, a new blog site

Well, dear reader, here it is. I have moved my blog site to here...mostly because I am terribly pissed off with the Microsoft service. With them, I am no longer able to log into my space for editing purposes. And that just won't do. I. Need. Control.

**mn you Microsoft!!!

With that being said, I will still be posting some updates to my other blog...mainly because I have a lot of people following it. I am hoping to eventually have all the entries moved over here, and then have people following it here, but that is a work in progress. I need to do some testing first. I need to see if I can copy and paste and make it look nice. Meh, I'll work on it slowly. I have so much more I need to many 'hobbies', so little time.

In the meantime, dear reader, watch this space for some very non-interesting musings. If I make one person smile, then all is well. If nobody smiles, then it's still ok....I write because it is a release for me. So, I hope to see y'all around.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Get ready for the celebration!!

Hello again dear reader.  Here is a quick update:

 5 more radiations left!!!!

That’s right……15 down, 5 to go.  And, before any of you ask…yes, I am disappointed.  I feel really let down right now.  Not let down by my dear wife, but let down by the makers and inventors and distributors of radiation.  I thought this stuff was supposed to make her glow?  How about the spider webs?  Alas, I fear my dreams will come to naught, and I will be left dreaming of what could have been.  Or, to keep the illusion alive, maybe the cool stuff is a delayed reaction?  That would work for me…unless it was a TV remote or an X-Box controller which was the first victim of her powers.  That would NOT work for me.  I am now going to go through my days eagerly anticipating getting home (of course, I always eagerly anticipate getting home!!), and finding out that my wife is glowing (of course, she is beautiful and always glowing in my eyes, but I’m talking the real cool green glow!!), or shooting webs all about the place!!  I’ll be sure to keep you all informed as to the fulfillment of this dream.

Now, this is what I’m really here for.  Dear reader, I need you all to join me in celebration.  Please, circle November 2 on your calendars, and book a 30 second spot at around 12:45PM.  Why you ask?  Here is the plan.  At the aforementioned time on the aforementioned day, Dianne will be done radiation.  And so, at this previously mentioned time on the previously mentioned day, I am going to let out a huge yelp of joy when she is done.  I am going to walk out of the CCI, and in the parking lot let out a mighty whoop!!  And, dear reader, I am hoping that you will join me.  Wherever you are, whomever you are with….just yell out a big hurrah, or huzzah, or w00t w00t or whatever you want to yell.  Just yell.  If we all do this in unison (but not 4 part harmony, that would be expecting too much), then everyone around will….will…..well, they will all probably just look at us like we’ve gone barmy.  Which is perfectly alright with me.  We’re all a little nuts anyways, are we not?  I know I am…and I suspect that most of you are too.  Thus, you have NO excuse to NOT join me in the celebratory bellow.

Now you’re wondering how Dianne is feeling?  She is ok.  The fatigue is really kicking in, and her skin is turning red.  I used to call her my alabaster queen….but I can’t do that now.  She is very much looking forward to having this whole process finished and not have to go to the CCI everyday.  That in itself is tiring, and the radiation just makes it worse.  Yes, she still will have to do cancer related stuff for quite a while, but she will not need to go to the CCI as often.  And finally, it seems that we as a family will be able to get life back into normal…or we will once again define what normal is.  The four of us are all looking forward to that.

And that, dear reader is where we’re at.  All is well.  10 months ago we thought about this day, where we could say that the 3 major treatment paths would be done.  And here we are.  On the cusp of being finished.  The journey is not over, but the 3 hills have been traversed successfully.  And all I can say is that it’s a really good thing that we did not have to travel this road on our own strength…our Lord has walked beside us, holding our hands and encouraging us when we didn’t think we could carry on.  For that, I say ‘Thank you Lord…How Great Thou Art!!!!'’

Dear reader, I think I should get back to work now.  My blackberry has been buzzing non stop for the past 20 minutes, so I suspect I have some emails to attend to.  So, until next time, I bid you a fond farewell. 

And don’t forget….November 2 @ 12:45…..we have a date.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

6 down, 14 to glow

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, dear reader!!  This is a weekend filled with family, friends….and turkey.  I’m not sure if family and friends are turkeys, but I suspect there’s a turkey or two in every family.

Today’s blog entry is 6 down, 14 to glow.  I must admit here and now that I’m am sorely disappointed.  At the start of this radiation therapy, I had visions of superheroes and night lights…but alas, non of it has happened…yet.  Every night, I wake up….it’s dark in the room, except the light of the streetlamp that is in our alley…so I yank the covers over our heads and expect to see an eerie green glow.  Every night, I am saddened, for all I see is nothing.  Darkness.  I am hoping that the next 14 radiation treatments will produce some glow effects.

Of course, I could buy a glow stick, and hide it under the covers…and then, at 2 in the morning, excitedly wake up Dianne and show her that she is glowing!!  Oh, how funny that would be!!!  Well, funny for me, probably not for her.  I suspect she’d be angry.  Is it worth it?  Please, dear reader, provide me with feedback.  Should I try it?  Are any of you as twisted as I am? 

As a side note, how much radiation was Peter Parker exposed to before he could shoot spider webs from his wrists?  And, was it radiation that made Bruce Banner not be able to control his temper?  Again,  I have visions of a large green angry person running amuck through my house.  Maybe at some point in the next 3 weeks or so this will happen.

Seriously, dear reader…the radiation treatments are going fine.  It is not a long process, but it is 5 days a week, which makes it a bit tedious.  The side effects from the radiation apparently start showing up after about 10 treatments.  And by side effects, I am not talking about glowing or cobwebs….I am talking about fatigue and dry skin / burnt skin.  Of course Dianne is tired…she has been for several months now.  The radiation will probably make it worse.  And her skin?  Well, she has discovered that a Galaxal  based cream works much better than Aloe Vera.  So, she smears that on the radiated site every day.  We are hoping that this will counter some of the skin issues that can arise from radiation.

If you haven’t figured out by the title, Dianne is to have a total of 20 radiation treatments.  This is what we had hoped for.  There was initially talk of her receiving up to 30 treatments, but the powers that be decided on 20.  Well played, powers…well played.  Thus, if everything stays on schedule, her last radiation will be on November 2.  This is allowing for long weekends, and there are a couple days towards the end of October that they won’t do her treatment.

Dear reader, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…all is well.  Dianne is coping well with this treatment.  This is the last major hurdle in her battle against cancer.  Although she will never be declared ‘cancer free’, the Dr. will tell her (hopefully!!) that her cancer is not active, or in remission as it were. 

Oh, as for reconstructive surgery, Dianne will be going to see the plastic surgeon on December 21.  We are hoping that at this appointment she will find out if she can even have it.  If she can’t, it is not a huge deal.  We are just very thankful that she has come through to this point as well as she has…reconstruction would be an added bonus, but not the end all and be all.

And that, dear reader, brings you up to date.  If, one morning, I find my Xbox controllers pinned to the wall behind a web of silk, I will know that I am married to Spiderwoman.  If a wrathful green person roars at me because I forgot to take out the garbage (and then proceeds to throw said garbage into the alley from the back door), I will know that I am married to the Incredible Hulkstress.  But for now, I am married to Superwoman…for she truly is a super hero in my eyes.