Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Always Yours

Inspiration comes from those you love, and nobody is loved more than my wife.
For Dianne.

What have I
left to offer?
All you have of me
is everything I’ve

My heart became yours
when we kissed.
My body I shared
when we said ‘I do’

Our minds, though independant,
meld together to form one,
yet stay apart enough,
providing challenges.

What have I
left to offer?
It seems very
limited. You have
it all.

Stop! Think!
You don’t have it all,
for my love grows
stronger each day.

I freely give
my ever growing heart;
it’s yours.

My body,
though growing older,
finds new ways to
encompass you
with love.

My mind is open,
learning more,
striving to be one
with you.

My one true love
I’m yours.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Warm caress against your skin,
tendrils of love embrace you.
Playful whispers and
whimsical sighs take us
on a journey of
A breath of passion
enriches our lives
as we breathe in unison,
keeping cadence with the sounds
of nature.
We are surrounded by life,
by love,
by desire...
our flame adds to summer's
Relax, my love.
I will encircle you with
a rapture which takes your breath away.
Remember, my love...
exhale. Let stress and pain
emit from your body as my adoration
holds you.
Recline in the arms of
my devotion
and remember to