Saturday, May 25, 2013


Vows were made
so many years ago.
Love was strong,
our candle burned bright
the glow of its light
illumined our path.

Time moved forward
along pathways we walked.
hand in hand,
learning, loving.

I've watched you grow,
As a woman, a wife.
A mother.
My best friend.

Amazement fills my thoughts,
through it all
you smile, even amidst tears,
or while pain racked your body...

Your beautiful body
glowing with passion, yet
scarred with sickness...

Love blinds us to
what we don't see,
our eyes are opened
to normal.
Our normal.

You keep us all strong
even when weakness
hugs you in an
unwanted embrace.

My love is
than it ever was.

For you are
my helpmeet
my passion
our rock.

My hero.

Friday, May 17, 2013

An End to Goodbyes

Never do we think
goodbye will ever
happen. Our little
corner of Paradise
is you, me...ours.

Never will we understand
decisions of evil which
wrest farewell from our tears.
Nothing makes sense, an empty place
in our hearts created by...


Cheap thrills?
At what cost?
A motivation not to be grasped,
but only questions.
And unimaginable sorrow.

Comfort in our Saviour
seems hard to grasp,
yet He bears our burden.

Goodbye should never happen
in such a terrible manner.
Hope should never fade
under profound sadness.

God called Tim home,
he arrived safe
in the arms of Jesus.

A family mourns, broken
a community comes together,
a world groans,
we sleep under a prayer
that He will come.

And finally, there will be
an end
to goodbyes.

Dedicated to the family and friends of Tim Bosma.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello Old Friend

I wrote this quite some time ago, and read it aloud to the Grade 10 and 11 McNally English students. 

It  is written in the voice of another. It is not someone I know personally, but I'm sure he or she exists. The message remains the same.

Hello again old friend
it has been far too long
since I thought of the days
when I did you wrong.
I really hurt you
in my younger days.
Teasing you, it seemed
was the latest craze.
Nobody saw your pain
but we laughed at your tears
and I was the worst of them
always leading our peers
to the place you were hiding
only to drag you out
kicking and screaming.

Yes, old friend it's me
and I've come in shame.
For today it is my lot
to be struck with
my own mortality.
It's not long I have left
to find my old acquaintances.
I need to make amends
for the many evils I've wrought.
My last wish is that my words
of remorse will strike a chord
and the music of your forgiveness
will be the lullaby that soothes me
to my final sleep.