Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dear reader, today is yet another day of #NaPoWriMo on which I was very tempted to ignore the prompt and go my own way. I think it would have been easier. However, my heart would not allow this to happen, for the challenge for me is to follow the prompts, with the culmination being that I can say I did it. So, I wrote.

Today, we were challenged to write a Landay. A form of folk poetry from Afghanistan, it is meant to be recited or sung aloud, and and is frequently anonymous.  The form is a couplet comprised of 22 syllables. The first line has 9 syllables and the second line 13 syllables. Landay’s end on “ma” or “na” sounds and treat themes such as love, grief, homeland, war, and separation.

My biggest challenge was using the proper words with the ending sounds of 'ma' or 'na'. There simply aren't that many words that worked for me. Although my landay may not totally embrace one of the five theme's mentioned above, I am very proud of this brief yet powerful poem. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
April 19, 2015

fear born from hatred, a dark stigma
time and distance separate us from our Nirvana


  1. Yeah, that IS short and powerful though. And now I'm skeert of this prompt.

  2. Wow!! Rod, you definitely slew this beast!!! Awesome job!!