Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year

Time has gone and done
what time does best.
Moved forward...relentless
in its pursuit of the next second,
minute by minute,
hour by hour.

We took the journey with Time,
and travelled a road
only we existed on.

Walls were built to keep
us out, some were broken,
inviting us in.

Minute by minute...a little death
took a piece of both of us.
Hour by hour, sunshine filled us
with healing laughter during
light time.

We existed, euphorically we
danced through each second,
music of the night witnessed
the sway of our love.

Light or dark, Time moved on.
And we held each other,
breast to breast
entwined in a passion that
Time cannot stop.

Here's to health!

To happiness!

To our love, growing stronger
as riding the crest of a wave
produced by Time's rolling on.

To us!

We made it through
another year.