Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year

Time has gone and done
what time does best.
Moved forward...relentless
in its pursuit of the next second,
minute by minute,
hour by hour.

We took the journey with Time,
and travelled a road
only we existed on.

Walls were built to keep
us out, some were broken,
inviting us in.

Minute by minute...a little death
took a piece of both of us.
Hour by hour, sunshine filled us
with healing laughter during
light time.

We existed, euphorically we
danced through each second,
music of the night witnessed
the sway of our love.

Light or dark, Time moved on.
And we held each other,
breast to breast
entwined in a passion that
Time cannot stop.

Here's to health!

To happiness!

To our love, growing stronger
as riding the crest of a wave
produced by Time's rolling on.

To us!

We made it through
another year.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Stench of Second Hand Smoke

20 long years...
for that length of
a burning cigarette,
I surrounded myself
with a cloud of
menthol carcinogens,
or some other flavour
of smoky seduction.

I rolled my own death
in wafer-thin paper,
extinguishing a burning candle
all to a haunting Drum beat,
inhaling with fear,
exhaling with purported

We were Players,
all the cool kids in
this game of life...
even Dads and Moms
took their turns at
the pipe.

Surgeons in general said it was
bad, they even gave us free
pictures on flimsy cardboard.
But we still drove our muscle
cars, loud music forcing smoke
out of open windows,
pulsing to beats of 80's music...
we were the heads, greasers,
even the jocks and brains
fell for the lure of false bravado.

Nobody was impressed.

Today's age comes with wisdom,
knowing of the frailty of life,
even one not scarred by active

Lungs heal slowly,
whereas the nose never forgets
the stench
of second hand

Saturday, November 2, 2013


A road less traveled winds it's way
through beastly hot
desert waves of sand,
leading to
the mountain.

Air shimmers before squinted eyes,
mirages of escape routes
turning straight narrow trails
away from the craggy rocks
everyone must climb.

We hide behind pale
moonlight so no one
sees us struggle past
whippy branches of
dying trees, praying
we don't get our heads stuck
in the forked boughs of

Beacons of trust urge us forward,
onward (Christian soldiers!)
upward...our summit
calls Kyrie...mercy awaits
like soothing oil on weary

Cresting the peak,
grueling paces behind us,
dangers calling us back,
our future lies in deep valleys ahead,
shadows hide what we have yet
to see.

We kneel in thankfulness...
Safety is ours. For now.
A gift has been given,
embrace it, for it is
right passage out of our
'leading to nowhere'

Thank you. For alone
I could never have managed
to climb
my mountain.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am Poet

I am poet.
I have written words
that make me giggle,
tinkling laughter one hears
on a playground full
of happy children.

I have penned pronouncements
of pure passion,
observed obfuscated
reactions to what I’ve

No higher education have I,
but a wealth of life
I have lived, translating
experience into…


Words of passion, love
all this when my mood
shines brighter than
any sun

Morbidity, sadness…
gloominess not so subtly veiled.
I force my pen upon the paper
with violence, angering the
words, crying with

Alas, my works may not
make me millions,
or thousands, even
hundreds and tens
stretches the limit.

A random thought…
what if my words
are never read again?
Will it stop me
from sharing
my thoughts?

I write because
I can.
Ink flows from
my desire to
convey, inspire,

I write because

Friday, October 11, 2013

Restless Slumber

Throughout the night
of restless slumber
vague images of 
people and places

A myriad of muted shadows,
faceless bodies,
nameless faces,
shapeless doors that lead
into places 
one shouldn't
dream about.

Love is there, 
enjoying a teasing 
goading me to return
from the darkness
of a not so peaceful

Restrained fighting,
arms stretch across time, 
reaching for lacy wisps
of your embrace

A touch...your touch
lips caress fluttering
eyelids, fingers dance
across my skin,
still cocooned in
the clutches of my repose.

Finally I awake,
you are there
with me. You smile
as my eyes focus
on your face, flushed
with happiness.

I have awoken
in the presence
of the one who
comforts me after
my restless slumber.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old and New - A Poem of Love.

Along sandy beaches
we slowly reminisce as
our past rolls over
bare feet, waves of
memories curl around
our toes.

Shy glances, sparks of
crystal glistening in your
deep eyes, thoughts
conveyed by a simple look.

Your voice is clear,
a gentle word is
spoken, a muse of
love as strong as
swells on deep
blue seas.

Warm breezes caress
skin, yet goosebumps
arise like tiny soldiers
standing guard over
feelings that will never see
battle again.

Hand holding hand,
afraid to let go.
sunset fades into hues
of orange sashes
red strokes of passion.

We're falling in love
all over again.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Sound

There used to be notes
above the words
I would write.
But now I am
a quarter through
a fifth,
the major part of
the thought is gone,
drowned in its own
sorrow and pain.
All that’s left
is the straight line
of mediocrity,
wallowing in self pity,
wishing for some semblance
of reason.
(there’s always a but)
in my head, there is
no sound.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013

I had hoped to start reading some poetry this evening, but alas, poetry and headaches don't mix. I suppose I could try write some silly verse about the pain behind my eyes, but it would be exactly that...silly. And it would probably lead to even more pain behind my eyes. Tomorrow evening doesn't look a whole lot more promising as I have some stuff to do and people to see. However it turns out, it is bound to be better than tonight, for I hope to have no headache by then. Even writing this little bit has been a struggle, so I think I will hit the 'publish' button, and call it a night. Goodnight.

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

It seems that the time has arrived to restart this journal. I was hoping that a vacation would spur on the creative juices, but I fear that it has been too long since I wrote anything meaningful. Which means I have to get back into the habit of writing. Every day. If you recall, this was the main reason I started doing this last year...because writing begets writing. And so, I write. And along with writing, I will start reading poetry again. I have a couple books to go through, and then I may just load up my Kindle with poetry tomes and read. Reading begets writing. If these two methods (reading and writing) don't spark me, then I may need to ramp it up. But, I'm not there yet. No, I am just starting. Again.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sunrise, eyes blink away
tears of early morn.
That first coffee along with
freshly fallen rain
produces an
aroma of delight.
Morning greets us with
warm hugs while sunlight’s gentle
caress raises goosebumps
on your soft flesh.
Dancing through the day,
we are oblivious to the
stares of those who
don't understand our love.
Intense heat, a combination
of radiant light and resplendent
beauty. Our day moves on.
Colors of sunset
create a mood of peace.
A cool breeze
drifts across the land, gently
moving you into my arms.
Aurora borealis tries
to match our dance of love.
I am honoured to be able
to share this

with you.