Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Written for the patrons at the pub.

Within a single heartbeat
echoes of love
shape the very manner
in which we work
Inwardly our minds turn
we listen to the cadence
of every romantic
thought that fills
our mind.
Our fervour reaches deep
into that place,
that oh so special place,
where body, soul and mind
become one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Written for the visitors to the pub at Dverse. Enjoy. Feedback and criticism welcome!

A fantasy world
existing only for you and I.
No interruptions, no cares.
A longing glance, filled with love
A dream come true,
you allowed me to
be with you. To make you
happy is my
one true desire.
Whirling thoughts echo
around my head.
Laughter let loose
its frivolous sounds. In a world
existing for us alone.
A smile. A wink.
Playfully we look at each other
ignoring the beauty
of the world around us.
A warm embrace, a glass of wine
a crackling fire, the sound of rain
soft music fills the air.
A love so tender, so rich
this night can’t end.
A tear falls from your eye!
Why the sadness?
I hear you crying.
The dream is over,
fantasy evolves into reality.
You and I exist
only within
the deep recesses
of my sleeping mind.
I awaken, cold and alone.
tears stain my cheeks.
Wrapped in the cocoon
of my blankets, I try
to find you again.