Monday, June 28, 2010

Update and.....update and stuff.

Good Morning dear reader

Welcome once again to  For those of you who were re-directed here from  This is the place for my blog entries, so bookmark it, and check back once in a while.  My posting has been a bit random, so don't check back too often.  Better yet, use the RSS feed.

So, what's going on you ask?  Lots of stuff.  My big helicopter is still not flying.  The speed controller blew up for unknown reasons, thus I have to wait for a new one to come out of Hong Kong.  I'm holding out a very slim hope that I'll have it flying before I depart on holidays.  And that's it for heli talk.

Anyone watching the World Cup?  My teams, in order, are Holland, Spain and England.  Beyond that I just don't care.  I find it very comical that the French blew up, the Italians showed their age, and as much as I like the English, why do they insisit it's their God given right to do well at the WC?  They really aren't that good.  The only reason the Premiership is so good is all the foreigners.  A select few British players are really any good....Gerrard and...and....well, Gerrard.  John Terry is shyte apart from the fact he plays on a Chel-scum team that has some brilliant foreigners, and the same for Frank Lampard.  Wayne Rooney is only good in club football, and then because he has some foreigners on his team that can feed him the ball in space, thus allowing him to score.  His british counterparts couldn't find him in space for 4 games....thus Rooney looked like poo out there.  Meh, as long as Holland beats Slovakia today, I'm happy.  After that, I fully expect them to crater as is their wont.  /end WC rant.

Very soon is the wedding of my nephew Keith.  Less than two weeks away is the big event...and we made some definite plans for the days leading up to the day.  The Wednesday is our golfing 'stag', followed by a BBQ and bonfire.  Thursday is decorating, followed by golf.  and Friday morning is golf before the ceremony (with the brides permission!!!!!!)  Really, I just want to golf.  Speaking of golf, I went out on Saturday, and broke 100 for the first time ever!!!!!!  Back to wedding plans...if Keith thinks he's uptight, he should see the state of mind I'm in.  I don't even have my 'toast to the groom' done yet.  Oh my.  The stress.  *sigh*

Now on to the important stuff.  Here is another update on my dear wife.  The Herceptin treatments she's been taking are over.  Yay!!!  They cancelled the last one because of her heart.  Boo!!!  Yes, you read that right.  I posted about this in an earlier blog that the Herceptin caused her heart to show signs on cardiac toxicity.  Well, that did not improve any, so they called off the final Herceptin.  For now, Dianne will remain on the heart medicine until she gets her heart checked out again by the experts.  I'll let you know how that turns out.


Also, starting in September, Dianne will be participating in a study that will see her take a new drug called Neratinib.  We had some concerns about this drug and its side effects, but her oncologist reassured us that all the side effects are treatable.  Originally Dianne was going to turn down the opportunity to participate in this study....mainly because she's had enough.  She is tired, and it takes hardly anything to wear her out.  Yes, she looks healthy and she looks awesome, but really people....there are still issues.  I think most people forget that (not that I blame them for that).  The thinking is that she must be good since she looks so good.  Not so much.  The heart medicine really sets her back every morning, and this new drug too will not be very pleasant.  The oncologist really wants Dianne on this study, because she is a very high risk for re-occurrence due to the type of cancer she had.  Fortunately, she will be able to start the study in September, once the kids are in school.  She really did not want this drug and its side effects to ruin her summer...and now it won't.  We are very thankful for that.  Again, I will keep you all informed as to any test results that we get back, and I will continue to post updates if there's anything.

And that, dear reader, is all I've got for today.  Hup Holland, Hup!!!!!!!!



Update....but not here

'Allo dear reader

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuff....and things.

Good morning dear reader

Long has it been since I've graced this site with some musings.  It seems I do that a fair much time in between writings.  I must avail myself of more time to keep in touch with you all....or run the risk of losing you forever.  And that, dear reader, pains me to think of it.   You've devoted much time to following me on the various blog sites, and I in turn must continue to provide you with my musings.  All I can say is this:  I'll try.

So, what's the latest?  Well, I have received a promotion at work.  Currently I am a Help Desk Analyst, working on the Help Desk (Captain Obvious!!) for Edmonton Public Schools.  As of July 5th, I will become a Technical Analyst, working out at various schools as the tech guy.  This is a huge step for me, and one I am definintely looking forward to.  My first couple weeks in my new role will be spent on holidays.  I love my job .

My helicopter hobby continues to progress nicely.  The latest copter is costing me a fortune, but mostly because I need to buy specific tools to get the thing running.  Fortunately this outpouring of cash should come to end (sort of).  I won't have to buy the tools again, but parts will be never ending.  I don't have the 450 class copter running yet, but I am getting close.  I'm in the process of installing the electronics, after which I will need to set up everything to work nicely together.   Hopefully a couple more weeks will do it.


Here's a question for you, dear reader.  Why in the name of all that is good do some people feel the need to express how much money they spend on stuff?  I mean, do I really care how much you spent on your Lexus, and how much you spent on your toys?  No, I don't care.  And if you think you're impressing me, think again.  Really, if you need to throw dollar figures around, I'm more than likely to think you’re an idiot.  This mostly applies to conversations like "yeah, so I'm driving my Lexus, which cost me $50,000........."  See what I'm sayin', dear reader?  I know that in an earlier paragraph I moaned about my helicopter hobby being expensive, but that is different.  I didn't throw out numbers, and I didn't try impress you with the amount spent.  /end rant.

About the only other thing I've been doing over the past little while is working on the speech I have to give at my nephew's wedding.  Yes, I am the 'best' man, and yes, I have to give a toast to the groom.  So far I am on revision 6, which is also known as RC (release candidate) 1.  I plan on working on it some more on my lunch hour today.  As I write it, I usually laugh a lot, so they people I work with look at me funny.  Meh, nothing new there.

And that, dear reader, is about all I've got for today.  It is approaching my lunch hour, and thus another writing task awaits.  Hopefully I will see you soon again on these pages.  Until then....take care.