Monday, November 16, 2009

Just what is the point exactly?

Just the other day, dear reader, I was wondering what the point of crosswalks are.  I mean, it's not like people stop for them.  Let me explain why I was pondering this.  We (that is, my family and I) had just got back from a day up in Barrhead / Neerlandia, and were wondering what to do for supper.  Since Dianne and I weren't hungry, I decided that I would walk to Burger King and pick up a couple burgers and some fries for the kids.  Healthy?  No.  Quick and easy? Yes.  But, I digress.

So, I walk to BK.  Now, from my place, I have to cross a really busy avenue.  There is a controlled crosswalk about a block from where BK is, and there is also an uncontrolled crosswalk leading right to BK.  Normally, I would cross at the controlled one, but I chose to try the uncontrolled one.  Getting to BK was easy...there was no traffic and I ran like the wind.  Getting home was another story.  Traffic was whipping along the busy avenue, seemingly unaware of the lone pedestrian waiting to cross. Several of the drivers even gave me a dirty look, as if it's my fault that they almost decided to stop.  I gave them dirty looks back...after all, the burgers and fries were getting cold!!

So, there I stand.  The traffic is less now, but there is a little blue car coming down the I step out boldly.  Again, I got a dirty look, but at least the lady stopped.  So, I walked across the first lane...and had to stop again because dip-turd honky tonk man in his big Silverado decided not to stop.  As tempting as it was to flip him off, that would not be the proper thing to do.  So I waved at him....and he flipped me off.  It was at this point that I figured maybe I should have gone to the controlled crosswalk.  But, I trudged on.  I made it to the meridian safely and let out a big sigh of relief.  But, I still had 3 lanes to cross.  And about 24 cars were coming.  So...I ran.  Like the wind.  Whew, back on the right side of the avenue.

Now, all of this lead me to thinking...what is the purpose of this crosswalk?  Oh, most of you will say that it is so pedestrians can cross the street.  I don't believe a word of it.  I believe that the purpose of the crosswalk is so that potential crossers can make drivers angry.  I mean, why should a lowly pedestrian have the power to stop hundreds of tons of metal to stop?  It is not right!!  After all, in our busy world, who has time to stop for someone wanting to cross the street? 

Don't get me wrong, dear reader...I can understand not stopping for jay-walkers.  But if someone is at a crosswalk that is clearly lit and labelled?  Come on...slow down, take a deep breath and think about it.  Stop for the person wanting to cross.  Show a bit of courtesy.  Quit being a mong.  Don't let the burgers get cold for the poor walker.  I hope I see you trying to cross at a crosswalk someday....for I will stop.  And you will not know how to react, because you have never done it yourself.  And you will feel shame....and I will laugh.

And now, I go eat my kids burgers.  It took so long to cross the road, the kids were in bed by the time I got home.  Thanks dear driver....thanks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nothing ever goes as planned.

Good evening dear reader.  As I sit here on my couch, typing away, I am a bit concerned about this entry.  I don't seem to be inspired tonight.  One would think that after the events of yesterday, my inspiration would have reached the overflowing stage, and the verbal diarrhea would begin.  Some of you might even be expecting a really long post, describing in detail the last day of radiation.  I will do my best, but that best might not be up to the standards one expects.  So, without further we go.

As with every 'big' day in this long journey, one has plans and expectations.  Most of the time, these plans and expectations have been met or exceeded.  Monday was not one of those days.  There were many plans for the day, and either they didn't happen or they happened at a completely different time than what was anticipated.  Confused?  Let me explain. 

One of the plans was that both kids would get on the bus to go to school in the morning.  That was the first thing that didn't work out.  David was sick, and stayed home.  Do you see where this is going, dear reader?  This unplanned event directly affected a planned event.  Oh, I still gave Dianne a ride to the CCI...with David in the back seat.  Our plan was to go for a really nice lunch after the treatment.....which we didn't.  If a kid can't go to school, he surely can't go out to a fancy restaurant (and we sure didn't want to take him to one LOL). 

That, dear reader, was only the beginning.  I was asked the question on facebook what time we got out of the CCI.  Apparently, Melanie was actually right outside on the sidewalk...waiting and whooping.  Well, this was the second thing that didn't quite go as expected.  The whole crew that let out a mighty bellow at 12:45 was actually an hour early.  Not through any fault of theirs, nor because of me giving the wrong time.  No, dear reader....for the first time in 20 treatments, the techs were an hour behind.  Dianne didn't get out of the CCI until 1:45. David and I had no idea what was going on.  We were waiting in the van (didn't want to take a sick kid into the hospital)...and we waited...and waited.  Finally we saw Dianne walking back to the van.  Once we found out what had happened.  I whooped.  I w00ted.  I bellowed!!  She was done!! She was DONE!!!

So, as you can see, the celebration did happen.  It's just that y'all celebrated an hour earlier than we did.  Which is ok.  No, it's more than ok.  Dear reader, I can't thank you all enough for being with us in spirit.  An awful lot of celebrating happened yesterday, and even though the timing was off, that doesn't take away from the effect of said celebrations.  I'm pretty sure the earth trembled just a tad with all the voices being raised!!!  We even had an entire school in Calgary stop what they were doing, gather together and celebrate!!!  And just knowing that all of you did this for us is an amazing feeling...and fills us with joy and happiness.  Thank you, dear reader...thank you.

What now?  Is this the final update?  No, I don't think so.  I will still let you know what's going on, although the updates will be fewer and farther between.  Dianne still has the Herceptin IV every 3 weeks until May, but there are no noticeable side effects from this.  Dear reader, as far as we are concerned, there is no more cancer in Dianne.  The doctors are confident they got it all.  Is the journey over?  No.  Dianne has a consultation with a plastic surgeon in December, she takes pills for the next 5 years, she goes for heart tests every 3 months (to make sure she can still take the Herceptin) and she still will be seeing her Oncologist every so often.

I suspect, dear reader, that you will feel like it is over.  You've spent 10 months looking at the blog, reading updates, wondering when I'm posting next...and now, there is not going to be as much.  There is no easy way to stop doing just ends.  Oh, I'll still use the blog for my mindless ramblings, and you are more than welcome to follow along.  But most of it won't be cancer related.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for reading this, commenting on my posts, and being with us over the past 10 months.  Most of all, I thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, well wishes, cards, flowers, meals, rides etc etc etc.  Words cannot express how much we as a family appreciate what everyone has done. 

I told you I wasn't inspired tonight.  And thus it ends....according to plan.