Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hello dear has been a while since I have posted a poem. The words simply have not been there. I hope that today's offering is worthy. I am proud of it as it really reflects what my dreams have been over the last little while. Enjoy the poem. 

Rod Kok
March 6, 2016

My dreams are technicolor,
brilliant hues
that do not

Undertones of red
swirl alongside
shades of grey,
creating a dance
forbidden by
rules of love.

Luminous oranges
unerringly mix
with pastels of truth,
thereby cementing
a brilliant tint
of passion.

What no one expected
was the earth tones blending,
coming out from their shadows
to paint their surroundings
with robust patterns
of peace.

Black stole the show,
giving a lusty feel
to a dream without
a coherent theme.

Then it faded.

My dream was
in technicolor,
but when interpretation
melded with reality,
I awoke.

And pretended those colors
never existed.