Friday, October 21, 2022


 Well dear reader, using the word prompts from Day 14, I expose a little bit more about me that you may not know. As you can judge by the title, this poem is about a hearing condition called Tinnitus. I have suffered from it for years, but thankfully I have hearing aids that provide constant relief. Please enjoy the piece from Day 14.

Rod E. Kok

Internal silence
is rare;
a high pitched
is constant.

If it was not for
white noise
streaming into
my ears,
I would have gone
long ago.

Family of Faith

 Good morning dear reader. I won't get done 31 poems in 31 days. I am simply too far behind. Why? Because my motivation to write is severely lacking. And laziness. I have not put in the effort required to keep up. But, I will write 31 poems. It will just take me a few extra days. And that brings us to the word prompts from Day 13. This poem came out very raw, and exposes me in a light that some may not see. I have no doubts that those who know me will quite possibly look at me differently if they read this. And that is ok. My wall will keep me safe.

Rod E. Kok

A lifelong struggle
to embrace
what I was raised
to believe.

I do not deny
those lessons,
yet I find it
to believe
that I am
in the family
of faith.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Take Another Look

 Well dear reader, the words are coming fast and furious tonight. This will be my third poem of the night, and I'm almost caught up for OctPoWriMo. This is day 12's piece and is probably the most relevant poem for me. Anyone who has followed this blog over the last few years know what I've endured. And as it turns out, those who judged me really aren't that different from me. I just hope they take another look.

Rod E. Kok

Take another look
into my open eyes.
Can you see clearly
the twisted illusions
that swirl behind
my iris?

Take another look.
Go ahead.
Open your own eyes
and see your reflection
in mine.

Can you see it?
We really are
not that different
after all.

Where I was

 Hello dear reader

I'm really not paying any attention to anything except the words we are given as prompts. My words are borne from those words, regardless of what direction we are prompted to go. I think I mentioned it earlier; I am very happy going my own direction. Today's poem gives us a contrast in perspective. This was and is my effort for Day 11 of OctPoWriMo. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok

Bright lights,
warm vibes;
boundless energy
spins around
this room.

cold fingers
grip my heart.
I cannot move
to where I was.

Never Give Up

Dear reader, the motivation to write has been lacking. Even the prompts are not inspiring me or my words. So if the next few poems seem forced, they probably are. And I apologize for that. But I will not give up on finishing OctPoWriMo 2022. It just may take me a little longer.

Rod E. Kok

There is no sadness

amidst the hope

of change.

Turning that corner

to a new


I promise now

to never

give up.