Monday, June 23, 2014

Thank you, from my own two feet

Under my blanket
of darkness,
your whispering voice
reached deep into
this tortured soul.

Your resolve,
holding me in love's embrace,
kept me warm.

That tender caress,
offered unconditionally,
slowly drew back
coverings of self-loathing.

A prayer offered up,
amidst tears of anguish,
answered in a love
only you can provide.

You only offered

That is what I needed.

No judgement or rebuke.
You had no
'easy fixes'.

As I lie
in gloomy shadows,
your soft touch
cooled my burning skin.

I fell from a confident perch,
remaining prostrated
beyond the light.

But you...

you became
my strength
my words
that song which lent power
to my weakened mind.

You are my everything.
You gave the desire to stand
on my own two feet.

Thank you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Through Closed Eyes

Worry not
for me,
I will be fine.

Look not upon my frailties
as something I
or my weaknesses as

No one is in a position
to judge,
we all hide something.

I chose to admit
I cannot swim against
currents of despondency.
I have revealed a part of me
which might have remained

A struggle of mind,
at times there is
no hope for

My false exterior
has faded,
a heart is laid bare
for all to see.

I hope you understand,
or at the very least
don't judge.

There is no room
for black and white
in a technicolor world.

Please do not worry.

And please don't look
at me
through closed eyes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


A childhood favorite becomes
something with
an entirely different

    (count to 10
        then try to find me)

Today, yesterday
it has become
a game for one.

    (8...9...10! Ready or not,
         not one is coming.)

Nobody gets close
in this solitary

Feelings and thoughts
are well disguised,
only slightly revealed
through cracks in the wall.

    (Where are you?
         Where did you go?)

Sequestered by failings,
inadequacy paints a veneer of
self esteem

None of it exists.

    (Are you still playing?)

This childhood game
is renamed, redefined.
For if anybody seeks,
I shall remain

Monday, June 16, 2014

Only a Dream

I had a dream.

My mind was filled
with images of
carvings out of exotic woods
songs passionately played
words smithed into beautiful poetry.

I saw a lovely garden
planted by the very hands
which turned to gold
everything they touched.

In vibrant reds and pinks,
roses grew for the one
he loved.

Swirling letters in
calligraphic art
formed those very words
my heart cried.

This vision brought me
to tears,
to the very brink
of collapse,
for as I awoke
to morning's sun
I understood.

In my sleep, I saw
what I wished
I was.

Then I accepted
that it was
only a dream.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Picking up the Pieces

I'm trying to find back
remnants of confidence
which never really existed.

Sweeping illusions under
a rug of mediocrity,
reflection is a game
I'd rather not play.

Looking backwards leads
to a world

of darkness

Buoyed by support
from those who


I don't mindlessly drift
upon this sea of tears,
but riding waves of
I learn to let currents
of feelings
guide me
to a safe haven.

Uncertainty in self
clouds my ability
to let people in,

but through
my words
my poems

I offer a glimpse
of my heart,
my soul
my mind.

With each hurt I write,
I step out
of that firing line
which shatters me

I run into your arms
for help
for support

and together we work
at picking up
the pieces.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

beyond the hurt

days have passed by,
sun and moon running
their course

time has moved on

each day blending into
the previous one

tomorrow holds promise
of healing,
yet the future
never arrives

we are left to languish,
wondering about our ability
to forgive

move on

it’s easy, it’s hard
I’ve made a mess of
trying to clean up
the pieces of
my broken heart

my face smiles
my heart cries

I hide behind lights
of darkness,
afraid that someone might see

and my broken
desire to write words
of peace.

I seek your friendship,
your respect
your love

for that is what will take me
beyond the hurt.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Starlit Muse

I lay under
shimmering stars,
pale moonlight washes
over me in gentle

Monotonous tones
of cicadas fill
the air.

My mind searches for
a sound…

a melody of inspiration,
harmony hitting notes
of enlightenment.

Clouds frolick,
muted in their movement.
Yet that dance...

a glimpse!

Briefly time stood still
as I saw you
in the heavens.

A wispy smile offers
a glimpse
of our sun's fading light,

and those eyes...

those eyes cast
a gaze of love
into my soul.

You became
my starlit muse.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

finding peace

somedays it’s nice
just to sit

free one’s mind
of thoughts which
drag us down.

feet propped up
on an ottoman
eyes closed
music playing


rye ‘n’ coke
and a bag of chips

guilty pleasures
lend a helping hand
to bring us

a temporary utopia
is what I need

in the absence
of sadness
I find