Monday, October 20, 2014

She is Enough

Day 20, dear reader, brings us a prompt of 'better late than never'. Once again, I wrote 3 poems on this prompt. One of them is a light-hearted view of my day at work, the 2nd is one that needs a lot of work, and the 3rd is the one I am sharing with you. Although it may not fit the spirit of the prompt, it really is better late than never. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 20, 2014

In this world that is pressed
for deadlines,
I seem to march
at my very own pace.

Sit back in comfort
my favorite café
providing a perfect setting
for creating a world
out of random words.


murmured voices
speak in a way
only a poet
will understand.

I will write my muse,
sharing myself with those
who care to listen.

as my hot coffee
cools down,
my thoughts turn
to the one I love.

She has never known
how enough she is,
for proper words
have always failed me.

And so I write
my words for her.

For when my time has come,
let it be said
'he finally told her,
better late than never'


  1. This is beautiful! And a tear in my eye, of course. Hope she loved it. :-)

    1. She did :-) Out of the 3 I wrote today, this was her favorite! Thanks as always for your feedback, Jessica!

  2. This could be about a woman, it could also be about the muse. The picture of you sitting quietly, writing, placing yourself outside hurried time really sticks.