Sunday, October 26, 2014

Alone in the Dark

Dear reader, day 26 of #OctPoWriMo has us confronting our fears, writing about what scares us. There are many things I fear. I fear rejection by my peers, by the poetic community, by friends. I fear things that I simply will not share with anyone but my wife, I fear stubbing my toes (a curse of big feet). I have serious fears, debilitating fears and silly fears. And it is the silly fear that I am writing about today. 

Once in a while, my wife and kids will go to spend a few days with her parents, and I am left alone at home. I hate it. I hate every moment of an empty house. I especially hate the nights. Will you laugh at this piece, or rather, laugh at me for this piece? Possibly. I don't fear that, for I am writing this in the light. And my wife and kids are by my side. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 26, 2014

You have left me alone,
surrounded by darkness,
my heart starts pounding,
my breath quickens,
palms slick with sweat.

I am cold.

A hair falls from my head,
hitting the floor,
a booming thud.

My old grandfathers clock
calls out time,
midnight has struck
a fearful chord deep
in my soul.

In my bed
there is no warm place
for me to hide…
you are away
(only for a short time).
Please come home,
so I can sleep.

Mysterious footsteps echo
down empty hallways
of our deserted home.
I am alone…
alone with whoever
(or whatever)
lurks in the shadows.

Unreasonable fear
pervades my being,
I wait for dawn.

Waiting for light,
my mind plays tricks.
I cannot sleep,
mysterious sounds whisper
thunderclaps in my room.

Please come home,
so I can sleep.

come home.


  1. Ahhh yes - I see from your intro that you and I share some of the same fears. But alone (physically) is not something I worry about. In fact, last time I was home alone, there was A NOISE in the hallway and although I had a fleeting moment of fear about burglars (always burglars - don't know why) I felt STRONG and able to tackle it. So I crept out and did that sidling, quick-checks-around-corners thing they do in police films. And I took a can of air freshener there to spray into the face of any intruders (which was all I could find at the time, having just stepped out of the shower...)

    Fortunately no-one was there and it was just my silly mind playing tricks on me, but it CAN be scary, definitely.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story! I can totally hear 'police-movie music' playing as you peek around corners! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ya gotta love a guy who can fess up to this sort of stuff! I love that and this poem.... I especially love this line!...A hair falls from my head,
    hitting the floor,
    a booming thud.

    1. thanks Zoe! I have to admit that the line you quoted is my favorite too! 'Preciate you stopping by!!

  3. Ah, irrational fears. I know them as well, my friend. But, not this one. I am too used to my own company to fear being alone. But I won't go outside after 10pm if I can help it. :-)

    Loved this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica. I think we all have some sort of irrational is a big step to admit it to others. And a special thank you for the 'my friend' part. Means a lot :-)

  4. Ah. yes. I know this feeling! Well written, Rod!

  5. It reminds me of my own piece :-)

    I too loved the line about the hair dropping.
    Well written, and well done for sharing this with the open world!

  6. Not laughing here! You describe a feeling that is all too familiar. Well done!

  7. I know this feeling. Well expressed. :)