Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh Canada

Dear reader, if you at all watch the news, you will have heard about the events that transpired yesterday in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. My poem today is inspired by these events.

Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 23, 2014

A cowardly effort
a nation left in tears.

a soldier fell
in the line of duty.

Standing guard,
a war memorial reminds us all
of the freedoms we have,
paid for in blood
spilled in bygone days.

paid for in blood
spilled yesterday.

Freedom was attacked,
but cowardice failed.

Our heroes prevailed,
for we don’t live in fear,
but stand together,
united in our love
for this great land.

Cowardice failed.

Our voices join in unison
singing O Canada,
true north strong
and free.

Sadness will remain
for loss sustained.

Families mourn,
a nation weeps.
We will rise up,
providing comfort.

We will not fear.
Cowards cannot win.
God keep our land
safe from evil,
strong in faith.

We turn the page,
a new chapter is
Words of courage,
bravery, heroism
fill the pages.

And when history is told,
there will be no doubt.
We truly do stand
on guard
for our beautiful land.


  1. So wonderful! And I have heard about what happened, and am just stunned that people can do the things they do. What a brave man, and what a wonderful way to immortalize him. Well done, Rod.

  2. goodness, I'm sitting at work all by myself crying...good job

  3. Bravo for this. A beautiful tribute.

  4. This is truly beautiful! You have honoured the heroes and those fallen. Sending love your way.