Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Making it Work

Today is the halfway point of #OctPoWriMo, and it also marks the day I truly struggled to write something decent. Writing this piece was a labor of dedication, and if I hadn't promised myself to do 31 poems in 31 days, I probably would have given up, at least for the day. And so, perseverance is the parent of this poem. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 15, 2014

Nothing was obvious,
nobody guessed.

Oil mixing with water
was not what
anyone looked for.

We were overlooked.

What was the attraction?
We are so different.

We’ve made it work,
meeting halfway on issues
that affect us both.

Neither hesitant nor receptive,
rather a calm acceptance of
meeting in the middle.

Thus we carry on,
apples and oranges
sweet and sour.

We meet halfway,
working hard to preserve
love and passion,
dedicating today
to improving


  1. must be in the air. I had trouble too. But, this is stellar! I get it and love it!! :-)

  2. That's actually really, really sweet. I'm reminded of a beautiful song by Squeeze, called 'Heaven Knows'.

    1. Thank you! Now I have to go listen to that song!

    2. I know that song! You're right, it does! And I love this piece, too. It's a very familiar situation. :-)

  3. Your writing is so gentle and open, there's a vulnerability there that hints at developing strength.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words! Much appreciated!!

  4. This one is a stunner.. Loved the flow and the feelings expressed Rod :)