Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eyes of a Child

Dear reader, today's prompt for #OctPoWriMo is about children, and creating a safer world for them. I have not completely followed the prompt, but rather I've looked at an unjust world through someone else's eyes. Through the eyes of a child. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 11, 2014

I didn’t ask
for harsh words.
I merely wanted
a ball glove.

Bruises of my youth
will fade,
but memories of your anger
are seared forever.

I sought protection,
but only received excuses
which smelled
of whiskey and
stale cigarettes.

You called me
a mistake of passion,
you treated me
as a little lower
than your dog.

No wait…
don’t answer.

Your cruel interactions
led me to
a determined goal:
to live free.

I’ve turned madness into
teaching others
to be proud,
walk up straight,
be courageous.

I want the world to know
my story, the history
which made me
who I am today.

I am yours,
though your denial
rots away your
last chance at decency.

I hope you see
where you’ve gone
for I’ve told your life
through the eyes
of a child.


  1. Harsh realities, great job of displaying them. Thanks for linking up with OctPoWriMo.

  2. I love the point of view you shared. I love that the last but showed motivation, courage, bravery. Thank you!

  3. My details are different, but my story is much the same. Today, I devote my life to giving my own children a very different life. They have much sweeter stories to tell, and, somehow, that is a balm for the little girl I was.

    Thank you for sharing so bravely!

  4. This is beautiful, totally in line with the prompt in my opinion, speaking up fo children, coming from your inner child.
    I can feel the sadness and the fear. I was a bit like this too.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words