Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Wall

Dear reader, have you ever heard of a Haibun? It is Japanese poetry which starts with a paragraph of prose and ends with a Haiku. Never have I written one, for to me it does not seem like real poetry. But as I looked at the topic of the day (Can you see me?), I realized that the Haibun could be extremely powerful. Today's Haibun is intensely personal. I enjoyed writing it. I hope you like reading it. 

Rod E. Kok
October 23, 2018

I used to hide behind a veneer of confidence. My lies, my sins...
my whole life was veiled from everyone. Even those most important
to me did not get inside my shield. I have been very open with
my journey through mental illness. 2 years of counselling has
brought down my wall. Sort of. Being bullied and betrayed,
my life was compartmentalized. There were two areas:
the one you could see,and the one you couldn’t.
The one you couldn’t see became too full. My wall wasn’t
high enough to contain all the evil. That is what led to
the breakdown. That is what led to the unseen side of me to
finally be seen by someone. That is what led to the
destruction of the wall. I still hide. I still don’t want
very many people to get close.
I guess in some ways, I am building a wall.

What came between us
has made us that much stronger
true love always wins

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  1. I am touched by the beauty and honesty of this poem. Thank you.