Friday, October 5, 2018


Today, dear reader, I write about mental illness. Today I address my own journey in that darkness. And today I confirm why it all started. I hope you enjoy Day 5's offering.

Rod E. Kok
October 5, 2018

For so long, I denied
what was truth.
I was in control;
no help needed
or wanted.

For so long, I denied
what others saw.
I always knew better;
others simply
were wrong.

Rock bottom felt terrible,
admitting where I was
proved difficult.

I learned over time
to fight the denial.
I gained insight
into my darkness.

I confronted my demons,
called them by name.
Spurning their advances
helped me heal.

This journey never ends;
I will always be
at the crossroads.

I once chose wrong,
look where that
got me.

I refuse to make
that choice again.
For now I know
it all started
with denial.

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