Thursday, October 4, 2018

My Imagination

Well, dear reader, it was bound to happen. I was destined to write a poem I am simply not proud of. I struggled mightily with today's prompt, which deals with strange animals. We could write about real animals, or use the animal analogy to describe someone or something. At least, that's how I read the prompt. Whatever I was supposed to do, I am sure I didn't do it. And with that, here is my offering for today. This poem is not about mental health. The ending simply doesn't support my views on such an important issue. I hope that you don't hate this piece completely. It is all I have for today.

Rod E. Kok
October 4, 2018

many a nightmare
for me
so long ago.

would chase me
down darkened streets
until I fell
out of bed.

Barking dogs
brought visions
of rabid hell-hounds,
their frenzied snarls
waking me
from a fitful slumber.

My dreams changed
as I grew up;
beasts turned
into demons,
growling bitches
into a mental incubus.

I never fell
out of bed again,
I tumbled
out of sanity.

I am still leary
of darkness;
who knows what lurks
beyond what my eyes
can see.

As I grow older
I’ve given my fears
a name.
My demons have
been christened.
I call them
nothing more
than figments
of my


  1. Wow! Actually, Rod, that is really good. Lots of powerful imagery, which s one of my favourites things in a poem, but it speaks of a truth that I can understand. I like a lot of others will too.

    If it is a terrible poem, it is MY FAVOURITE of your what you consider terrible poems. it really is good, Sir! I mean that with all my heart!

  2. it's the blessing and curse of having an imagination...