Monday, October 8, 2018

Sanity you Are

Good morning dear reader. My excitement crested this morning when Althea gave us a blitz to write. The prompt was 'moments of madness', which is perfect for a blitz. Read this poem quickly, only taking time to take a quick breath when necessary. It's the only way the blitz works.

Rod E. Kok
October 8, 2018

Sanity you Are

Moments of madness
moments of sanity
sanity paves the way
sanity slips away
away from the ghosts
away with reality
reality sinks in
reality bites
bites of chocolate
bites down hard
hard is easy
hard is this life
life is not reality
life is just a test
test your knowledge
test the spirits
spirits in my soul
spirits are to drink
drink away my troubles
drink to relax
relax with my bestie
relax the overactive mind
mind is clouded by doubt
mind your own business
business is brisk
business is on fire
fire the manager
fire consumes the fuel
fuel your imagination
fuel adds to the fun
fun times ahead
fun is the new crazy
crazy for you
crazy in love
love turns into something
love becomes my muse
muse about my future
muse about regret
regret the choices made
regret the drunken past
past the finish line
past teaches us something
something to dwell on
something to strive for
for this is what we are
for this is who we are
are you my conscience?
are you for real?

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