Thursday, December 20, 2012

Terror Tried...and Lost

This is my little way of expressing myself after the horror in Newtown. I pray for the families.

On the day that terror reigned
I hugged
my loved ones.
Far away from it I live
but rarely does something
touch so close.
Tears. Anguish.
My heart breaks for
those who have lost.
That empty pit feeling
deep down into
my core…my grief
cannot match theirs.
Evil traipsed in
the hallowed halls
of learning. Children
were taught the meaning
of fear. And loss.
It’s hard to see,
but love was there also,
in all it’s sacrificial glory,
losing the battle yet
winning the war.
Love survived.
The devil chose the
wrong playground.
The name of God
should be honored.
For Lucifer will
eternally die. Soon.
Hearts break, families mourn.
A country weeps, the world
groans under such travail.
And yet there is hope
in the humanity that gave
to save. There is hope
that love will conquer.
Grieve. It is your right.
Mourn. It is natural.
Hope. Something good
will come of it. Just believe.


  1. Very nice poem. It’s hard to understand people sometimes, and I think writing it out helps to compartmentalize it and make sense of senselessness. This was an honest, raw expression of your pain and an attempt to deal with it, that I could absolutely relate to. Thank you for sharing your words.

  2. Very well done Rod . Loaded with emotions.

  3. In yet again, another tragedy, the Lord reigned supreme. So many parents of the some children murdered were Christian and gave glorifying testimony to God’s faithfulness. As one dad stated, our daughter has gone ahead and is now at home with the God we taught her about. We will meet again. To mention as
    you wrote, grieve and believe.

  4. Rod…you have a gift for expressing emotion. I could feel the anguish and hope Well done!

  5. Thank you Rod. You have a gift to be able to convey such emotion with your words. I do hope, and I do believe!!