Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

I wrote a poem today. That is a big step forward for me. Remember the other day I mentioned something about a 'fugue state' that I go into when I pen a decent poem? I was there today. I have no idea what brought it on...maybe my mind was clear of negative thoughts, maybe the moon aligned with the orbit of Jupiter's umpteenth moon, may our moon pulled my brain to the front like some tidal force...whatever it was it worked. And I was so pleased with the outcome. It's weird because when I write whilst in that 'fugue state', the words that come out need very little (if any) editing. The poem I wrote and posted today (you will find it under the  My Poems section of this site) received no editing. It just flowed, it worked. And I wrote a poem. I am pleased.


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