Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas is Over

It's over. It is really
almost over, this
season they call
Christmas. Soon enough
the trees will be
piled in the alleyways
of memory, the shiny
new toys will be
dulled with use, and
the Christmas cheer will be
gone with the last drop
from the bottle.
I love Christmas, I really do.
Or should I say, I
love the day
It was perfect that day
our own little corner
of pure happiness.
We had our time that day
Food, games
fellowship. Family.
Us four...together.
Yes it's almost
over. We have our
memories, hopefully
never forgotten.
New traditions replace
old ones.
Love. Peace. Joy.
We remember the
reason. The reason
for the season.
The Christ child!
Yes it's over.
No more trees,
the lights have dimmed
the two month long
barrage of music
is silenced.
It's quiet. Peaceful.

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