Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012

Today was a breakthrough of sorts. A seemingly innocent and fun conversation has turned into almost 1100 words of story. Oh, trust me, it is not a well written story, but I do believe it has potential. I will continue to write it, and I will finish it. I suspect it will finish at no more than 2500 words, but I could be wrong. And once it is written, I will keep it as a WIP, and I will probably re-write it again and again until I have the tale told in manner which pleases me. And then I will post it. When will that be? I don't have the foggiest. I think I wrote enough today to give me a a good grasp on where I want to go with it, so I shouldn't forget or abandon it. I am determined to see this one out. As for my poetry, it is still on hiatus. I really hope it makes a comeback soon. It would help my confidence a lot, for that is a big stumbling block right now. Confidence. What a fickle thing. I really think that a good chunk of my problem is that I think I can't write, and thus I don't. Deep down, I know I am full of crap. I just need to convince my creativity of that. And then I will write. Today was a great start. I wrote.


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