Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

Good evening. Here we go again...writing 100 words minimum every day. I know I got away from this habit for quite some time, but now I have to get back into it. If you've read my blog post from yesterday, you'll know why I am doing this. It is so I can write again. I am stuck in such a rut that I have no words at all. And so, I write. I write anything right now. Just to get the fingers used to typing the thoughts the brain comes up with. And if it's crap, so be it. But I'd really like to be worthy of the hashtag #AmWriting. Because I am afraid that I #AmNotWriting and if I don't I won't. So I will. I'll be back. But for now, this is where I write. Let the words flow...eventually.


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  1. Never say never, go with the flow … the words will come.