Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 Written for the pub patrons at dversepoets

You seek release from
bondage, subjugation of
cold dark night.
Shaking shoulders, wracked
with grief over a love
that never existed, you cry
aloud, begging warmth and
intimacy to wind around
your forgotten soul.
I see you, your pain rests
on my heart.
I cry tears of sorrow,
your torment almost
too much to bear.
I come to liberate you
from your personal
I take you into my warmth,
cloak you with compassion
surround you with
something new.
Your mind is melded
within the depths of mine.
Our thoughts mingle,
jesting and playfully
prodding laughter out of
a darkened pit
Your voice traps
breath in my throat.
No songbird has sung
with such angelic tones
Your body is a canvas,
artist’s fingers are
Swirling patterns of love
appear as if by magic
on your perfect skin.
Your kiss so sweet
soft and sensuous.
passion rises
with your touch.
My heart beats wildly,
sings rhapsodies of joy.
You discovered love.
My love.


  1. As poets, why does our heartache speak more loudly and more often than our joys? Excellent poem.

  2. Lovely…. The heart of a true romantic!

  3. Well…wow! To steal a phrase above This is fantastic…confess to a slight increase in blood pressure…and perhaps a bit of envy for the one for whom it has been written…loved it

  4. Love it…could almost describe your love for POTO

  5. Very nice. Very comforting and sweet,

  6. smiles…having your love discovered…well now that is a wonderful thing…certain to make the heart jump just a bit…love the little music hints between the songbirds and your heart…

  7. Wow, captivating. ❤