Saturday, January 19, 2013


Written from a dark place, on a dark day, from a dark perspective

A blanket of red fills me
covers my eyes, I can't see straight.
My mind is consumed
by the blackest of rage.
I won't listen to reason,
my fury ignites the
passion in my voice.
I regret my words.
You're hurt by my
lack of control.
I'm aware of your tears.
It makes no difference.
There is no stopping
as the level of my ire
rises. I can't stop.
The devil lives in me
and is winning.
Stop! Don't speak!
You'll only make it
hurt more.
Your words, meant to heal
only cause more pain.
Stay away! Leave me alone!
I am not open to reason
I won't barter.
My  wrath knows
no bounds.
I'm wrong, so very
Forgive me, my love
Help me! I need to be
released from the
bondage of my
Hold me!
Stop me from lashing out.
Bind my arms so they
can't reach out
with malice.
Help! Don't give up.
I'm coming back
from that dark place
that exists
Forgive me.
Love me.

1 comment:

  1. Loved it. Reminded me of someone. Especially fond of the last few lines.