Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Whispered Glance

Posted for #OpenLinkNight at DVersePoets Pub

A whispered glance
that peeks out from your
downcast eyes becomes
a muted greeting.
Your voice is shrouded in silence,
as if the mystery of what you say
is to remain
only a thought.
Sshhh! Don't think aloud;
share what only we
A look into the crystal ball
shows us the past
that doesn't matter,
and a future which
exists in our hopes
and dreams.
Shout from the heights!
Share our joy
with the skeptics and
naysayers. We win!
Love always wins.
I want the world to know
that you and I work.
Our love knows no bounds,
our desires and passions
grow with time.
But we're silent.
The stars allude to us
as their brightness fills
the midnight sky, yet
they refrain from falling
into the hearts of those
who need to hear our
profession of love.
But that glance,
the whispered glance
that brushes over
my heart tells me
everything I need to know.
You love me.
I love you.


  1. Indeed, love always wins. I could feel the love in this one.

  2. Full of tenderness and sensitivity. It is moving, but never mawkish, or overly sentimental.

  3. it’s those little glances that always mean the most… believing in love is always the best way to go … smiles

  4. Heaven (@asweetlust)March 1, 2013 at 6:28 PM

    I like that love knows no bounds, the ending is specially uplifting and romantic ~

    Nice to meet you ~


  5. For those of us who have such love, it’s always reassuring to get “that” glance. Evocative and wistful words.

  6. smiles…love wins…but you are right in that it does take work as well…it doesnt just happen….that is all you need to know for sure…smiles…great write…

  7. Very lovely! I like the idea of ‘love always wins.’ The heart definitely knows.

  8. Such a lovely poem, one of my new favourites! this is just a perfect combination of words, I love it! Great write

  9. Was a bit complicated getting to this..
    Thank you for your poem

  10. I love the gentle passion in this poem. I think these lines are lovely – they capture so much of how we know we’re loved:

    But that glance,
    the whispered glance
    that brushes over
    my heart tells me
    everything I need to know.


  11. love always wins…yes…that’s true and love always finds a way as well.. even in difficult times..