Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Written for the visitors to the pub at Dverse. Enjoy. Feedback and criticism welcome!

A fantasy world
existing only for you and I.
No interruptions, no cares.
A longing glance, filled with love
A dream come true,
you allowed me to
be with you. To make you
happy is my
one true desire.
Whirling thoughts echo
around my head.
Laughter let loose
its frivolous sounds. In a world
existing for us alone.
A smile. A wink.
Playfully we look at each other
ignoring the beauty
of the world around us.
A warm embrace, a glass of wine
a crackling fire, the sound of rain
soft music fills the air.
A love so tender, so rich
this night can’t end.
A tear falls from your eye!
Why the sadness?
I hear you crying.
The dream is over,
fantasy evolves into reality.
You and I exist
only within
the deep recesses
of my sleeping mind.
I awaken, cold and alone.
tears stain my cheeks.
Wrapped in the cocoon
of my blankets, I try
to find you again.


  1. This is the perfect poem for Valentine’s Day. Fantasy/reality…it’s what our hearts make of it…even in dreams. Well done Rod!


    Mark Butkus

  2. oh heck…so sad…the being so close and then the waking up…i do hope you find that loved one again..

  3. I just fell right into this. I know this lonely awaken…cold pillow cases and wrinkled sheets my only companions. We can feel our mates even before they are there, sometimes that is the hardest part of the journey in love…even more than the loss of someone is the waiting for them to arrive in patience. Enjoyed your words. ~ Rose

  4. Very picturesque language <3

  5. Love the twisting around into a dream, into the blankets that keep you there.

  6. oh wow…even the dream cries knwoing this is all just a dream….that is powerful man….and the trying to find her again…evocative….

  7. I love the sadness in this one Rod. I was startled when I realized it was just a dream. Well done!

  8. Sad..wrapped in the cocoon trying to find this special love. Lovely capture.