Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm of the Century

Written for the poets at Dverse

It was the storm of the century
that caused all the mayhem.
A wind never before seen
blew through this town.

Umbrellas turned inside out
newspapers torn from the grips.

Fedoras and bowlers
roll down the street.
Marilyn moments
for the shyest of ladies.

Rain and wind
tore stuff apart;
Boardwalk floating down the street,
some say they even saw a shark
on Second Avenue.

Aye, the tide is high
the mood is low,
but they’ll survive because
that’s what they do.

Shh…what’s that noise?

Silence. And look!
A glimpse of the sun
seen through the eye
of the storm.

The storm of the century
pillaged and raped
its way up the coast.

A nation cried together,
friends born out of compassion
for losses suffered.

The prayers of the people
soared above the swirling mass
of angry clouds and rain.

Yes, they’ll survive
the storm of the century.
Because that’s what they do


  1. I’ve tried 3 times to make a point in my comment, and none of them made sense. I don’t have your skill in writing! What I want to say is I really enjoy your poems and stories. Keep ‘em coming!

  2. in such moments we seem to be closer to each other…which is a good thing in bad circumstances…

  3. yes we will survive, because that is what we do…it was brutal man…we escaped pretty well compared to most…my thoughts are with them…nice capture…it was a rape indeed….

  4. Fantastic. Don’t know how you get so many creative juices flowing but they sure form into a pleasant story.