Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3, 2012

So, this is what it's like to write in my journal. Interesting. Hopefully I write something worthy. After all, I haven't been here for quite some time. So here I sit, in an empty church building listening to my boy play the pipe organ. The music he plays is a huge source of inspiration to me. I do not get tired of it. And so here I am....writing. I've written a number of poems in the past little while, some good, some bad. But even the not so good ones I like, because they are my words. Will I present them to the public. Probably not. But a really interesting thing about some of the bad stuff I've written is that I find little gems in the words that evolve into a better piece. This is why I rarely throw out anything. That little gem is just waiting for me. So I make it a habit to read through my folder called 'Not Fit For Human Consumption'. I laugh at the crap, I chortle at the thoughts, but I grasp at that tiny gem.

The last thing today is this: Why write? I read an article today that a twitter acquaintance wrote. She ended her article with this statement:

So, my friends, the point of this post is to keep writing. Keep writing from your heart, keep sharing stories you love, which you yourself would want to read. And hopefully along the way, it will come across the desk of an editor who believes in the story as much as you do, but has the eye to see things you can’t and make it even better.

And that captured exactly why I write. I write because I love words and I want to share them. And if nobody likes them, that is ok with me. It just means I haven't yet reached the person who does like my words. I thank Jaimie Engle ( for her wise words. It always helps to be reminded of these things.

I leave my journal tonight with a most important hashtag. My Tweeps will understand.



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  1. You are so fortunate to have been blessed with the artistic talent to put into words what an artist puts on canvass. Never quit. Maybe someday David’s talent and yours will be combined into a written song. What if …..