Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Picture of Me

Written for and linked to Dverse

Paint a picture of me
is the challenge I gave
to someone who thought
he knew me.


It was a portrait of happy colors,
reds mixed with whites,
bacon and maple syrup,
cookies and cream.

A smile!

Laughter along with wit,
confidence rode on the
backseat of humor’s
'69 Beetle.

He missed the tears,
even though they stream
down my cheeks and fall
into my cold coffee.

Nowhere to be found was the
heart that was broken
by a loss no one should
experience. My son!
farewell, dear boy.

I looked at the picture
through eyes painted
black as night. It made me

But he painted a butterfly
in the strangest place...
it was on my lips.

It sang a beautiful song,
akin to a robin. It stirred me
to action. To smile!

Oh the painter was wrong,
but he got it right. For he said
the picture was not of today.
But tomorrow.


  1. I can feel so much emotion coming from your words!

  2. Wow. That was not at all what I expected when I started reading it. Just beautiful and moving. Loved the part: But he painted a butterfly in the strangest place…it was on my lips. Holy Crap!! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Expression of the inner self.

  4. smiles…how cool….he got today wrong but his intention was tomorrow anyway…love the butterfly on the lips….it takes a keen eye to see beyond….

  5. outstanding. Pieces of abstract imagery, combined with a powerful sense of storytelling and metaphor. So much to like in here, but I really find from Ha to cold coffee an amazing stretch of verse within the piece as a whole. Loved the read. thanks so much for sharing with us tonight

  6. i was all dwelling in the taste of bacon and maple syrup,
    cookies and cream and thought…wow…that’s how life should taste and then the loss of your son…brought tears to my eyes…but then the turn and the hope, the painter painting the picture of tomorrow…very well woven and moving piece..