Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada. It is a holiday for most; a day of relaxation and reflection. And turkey. At some point this weekend, most have imbibed in a huge meal of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, pumpkin pie and the like. I get to participate in such a meal this afternoon. However, this is not really the point of this journal entry. Sure it's fun to think about the upcoming feast, but I have other things to think about as well. Such as my next poem. Such as my consideration of purchasing a Mac or not. I have long said that I would not buy a Macbook Air mostly because I cannot justify the price. But I am starting to waver. I still can't make myself understand why I would spend $1200 on a laptop on which I will surf the interweb and do some word processing. That part doesn't make sense to me. I can buy a $500 laptop and do the exact same thing. But the techie part of me is really wanting one because they really are an awesome piece of technology. Oh sure the specs are no different, the hardware is Intel and the keyboard is QWERTY...but the display is much nicer, the OS rocks and the physical look of the thing is simply cool. And so I continue to waver. I continue to think about purchasing one. I have a feeling that soon I will make the decision, I will take the plunge and spend the cash. Yes, I think I am changing my mind.


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