Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Wonderfully Strange

 Hello dear reader. I have fallen behind in my writing, but I promise I will make it up. For better or worse. I am finding that throughout this journey so far, I am using the word prompts, but not necessarily the 'vision' prompt. Nor am I using the form prompt. I think this is a good thing for me, for it allows me to really write out of my head and my heart. I hope you are enjoying this ride. Here is my poem for Day 8 of OctPoWriMo2022.

Rod E. Kok

In the quiet comfort
of darkness,
how wonderfully strange
it is
that my mind
to unexpected places.

How wonderfully strange
that I did not
go mad
with confusion
or doubt.

In the quiet chaos,
I survived something
that was
wonderfully strange.

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