Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Spring Park Bench redux

 Good morning dear reader

Jenni wanted us to to explore a past collaboration we may have participated in, and that led me directly to 2014. A project I worked on saw me paired with a British artist named Heather Burns. We came up with a piece called Spring Park Bench. I wrote, she drew. We inspired each other, and after many iterations of the piece, we came up with what I would consider a masterpiece. I will post the original Spring Park Bench to provide context, followed by my poem for today. I hope you enjoy.

Rod E Kok

What seems a lifetime,

time has passed

since I sat

on that park bench

in the spring.

What seems just yesterday

since we spoke;

words and art

entwined together


Heather and drab,

you and I;

passion for our


ignited a wellspring

of emotion,

of color.

What seems a lifetime

since we sat

on that

park bench 

in the spring.


  1. In the first poem I really enjoyed the rhyme of "peers" and "veneer". I also enjoyed the ending of the gale blowing the speaker over. I like how the collaboration of "Spring Park Bench" becomes a physical object to sit upon in the second poem.

  2. Your writing makes the memory so fresh - I almost feel the spring air.

  3. I love both of these poems, but the one from the collaboration, touched something deep inside. Thanks for sharing.