Friday, October 7, 2022

Glass Floor

Hello dear reader. Today we have been challenged to write something about conquering our fears. Well, I immediately went back to the time I tried to stand on the glass floor at the top of the Calgary tower, and in more recent memory, the same activity in the CN Tower in Toronto. Neither was an event that I wish to repeat. I think you'll get that message through today's poem. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok

Glass floors
reflect a world
far beneath

my feet.

I am determined

to trust,

to conquer 

my fear.

I will tread,

albeit lightly

and with great


upon that floor.

Heartbeat increases;

cold sweat

breaks out.

One foot hovers

above what seems to be

certain doom.

I pull back,

willing my mind

and body

to fear not.



Deep breath.

A glass floor

bears my weight;

my body floats

above the ground

so far below.

A single tear

falls from 

my eye.

This once

I have conquered;

I never have to stand

on a glass floor


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