Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Barefoot and Cold

Good morning dear reader,

Once again this morning, I share with you a very personal moment. This poem reveals, yet hides. I am on a journey of great import, my struggles are real. Most times I feel I am walking alone, barefoot and cold. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
January 11, 2017

Over a bridge I traveled;
nobody carried me, I walked alone.
Barefoot and cold.
Spending time
on the side of bad choices,
no one offered me shelter.

I trudged along, sinking deeper
into consequence.
My path went awry;
too many forks
on the path I followed.
I walked alone.

I turned back,
hoping to find
that bridge I had crossed,
barefoot and cold.

Time passed,
determination waned.
I almost gave up.

But I found my bridge,
only to see the route closed off.
Rock upon rock barricades my way,
preventing my return
to the side of forgiveness.
Each rock a confession,
every admission provides
a way through.

Moving those rocks
fills me with fear.
I am going to cross this bridge,
hoping I don’t arrive
barefoot and cold.


  1. This is a wonderful confessional poem... returning over such a hard trip.. but at least bridges barred are better than bridges burned.

  2. This is an amazing poem....about a journey in life. I especially like the lines
    "I trudged along, sinking deeper
    into consequence. "
    ...and then when the decision is made to go back, the way is blocked...and one must work harder to return. This says so much. Thank you for posting.

  3. I admire your determination to cross the bridge ~ There is always fear of the unknown but we walk with you in your journey ~

  4. This is beautiful. These lines struck me the most,

    Each rock a confession,
    every admission provides
    a way through...

  5. So.. many dARk
    BridGes that mix
    with liGht bridges too
    and surely i can relate
    to the farm accident
    of the small
    toddler as
    my cousin's
    small son
    was backed
    over by a car
    at a home and
    she recently
    my Aunt.. passed
    away.. bridges to dARk
    BridGes to liFE the gifT
    of all that
    and iS..
    i too savor liGht
    after passing
    of the dARk niGht of the soUL
    wHere A plead iN bleed oF
    death is all that's left..
    LivES NoW..:)

  6. feeling your words. feeling your words.