Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Sound

There used to be notes
above the words
I would write.
But now I am
a quarter through
a fifth,
the major part of
the thought is gone,
drowned in its own
sorrow and pain.
All that’s left
is the straight line
of mediocrity,
wallowing in self pity,
wishing for some semblance
of reason.
(there’s always a but)
in my head, there is
no sound.


  1. to no longer hear the sounds would be a scary place for me...though i dont know that i could ever settle for mediocrity and wallowing in self pity...i would hope someone would snap me out of it...smiles.

  2. What an ending... it drove me right back to the top for a reread.

  3. 'the straight line
    of mediocrity' nice line no ups or downs..just blase..aptly stated 'no sound'

  4. wow!!!

    What inspired you to write this poem?

    The ending to this brings the question to no sound but loneliness. Bravo!

  5. This is searingly beautiful and heart-wrenching. I needed to read it several times. Very well done.

  6. This is searingly beautiful and heart-wrenching. Very well done.

  7. I always hear the music with the words whether a light melody or a dirge. I believe the music is there. Well written.

  8. How sad. Please find those notes again! Well written.