Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sunrise, eyes blink away
tears of early morn.
That first coffee along with
freshly fallen rain
produces an
aroma of delight.
Morning greets us with
warm hugs while sunlight’s gentle
caress raises goosebumps
on your soft flesh.
Dancing through the day,
we are oblivious to the
stares of those who
don't understand our love.
Intense heat, a combination
of radiant light and resplendent
beauty. Our day moves on.
Colors of sunset
create a mood of peace.
A cool breeze
drifts across the land, gently
moving you into my arms.
Aurora borealis tries
to match our dance of love.
I am honoured to be able
to share this

with you.


  1. Aurora borealis tries
    to match our dance of love....awww...this is lovely...full of warmth and and much more...nice

  2. You have captured some of the beauty of early morning here, I think. Coffee, just a bit of rain, the sun, and love. It is wonderful to have someone to share the day with!

  3. smiles...wonderful love song you sing...and others dont have to understand your the bit on the aurora borealis trying to match your

  4. What a great way to describe love.. AUrora borealis is so beautiful.. (though it's often bitter cold when it's swirling)... lots of other great images you paint.

  5. I love mornings like this. Such a lovely poem.


  6. This is so lovely and fresh! I especially like this:
    "A cool breeze
    drifts across the land, gently
    moving you into my arms."

  7. Some lovely images here Rod. Morning coffee, the smell of rain, and the dance of love more beautiful than the Aurora - beautiful.

  8. ....aww, the pleasure is all mine... glad you shared this with us... very beautiful....smiles...