Friday, October 11, 2013

Restless Slumber

Throughout the night
of restless slumber
vague images of 
people and places

A myriad of muted shadows,
faceless bodies,
nameless faces,
shapeless doors that lead
into places 
one shouldn't
dream about.

Love is there, 
enjoying a teasing 
goading me to return
from the darkness
of a not so peaceful

Restrained fighting,
arms stretch across time, 
reaching for lacy wisps
of your embrace

A touch...your touch
lips caress fluttering
eyelids, fingers dance
across my skin,
still cocooned in
the clutches of my repose.

Finally I awake,
you are there
with me. You smile
as my eyes focus
on your face, flushed
with happiness.

I have awoken
in the presence
of the one who
comforts me after
my restless slumber.

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