Friday, September 14, 2012

Do You Remember

For my wife. 16 years later and still madly in love.
Do you remember
the day we met?
Quiet and shy
you stared at
your feet.
Do you recollect
all the firsts?
The smile, the wink
the touch of our hands,
the first kiss?
Walking by the lake
not close, but not far
what was happening?
Can you recall
our first intimate
Was it then
we fell in love?
People talked
people stared.
The shaking of heads,
the clacking of tongues,
few approved.
But we didn't care
what they thought.
The warnings came
but amidst it all
we persevered.
We finally said I do.
And we did everything
that we promised
as we also continue
to do.


  1. A walk through the journey of the beginning of forever.

  2. wonderful! expresses much feeling and the obvious love you have for your wife