Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Toast: To Triangles with Jam

This poem is the work of myself and a fellow poet, who is the most random friend I have in many ways. Thanks for helping to write this one, B! #Respect

Our world is filled
with plans and schedules
We are all-consumed
with that inexplicable restlessness,
longing and sadness.
Hectic paces keep us
tired and stressed,
pulling us away
from everything that really matters

Everyone has a calendar
that religiously they follow.
But no one has the time
to jump in a rain puddle again,
the way they did
when childhood beckoned.

Whatever happened to blowing bubbles
just for the sheer joy of it?
For happiness, for bliss.
For sanity!
Why don't we ever shout
'I love you!' from a rooftop?

When was the last time
you walked aimlessly?
How long has it been since you
experienced a 'spur of the moment' moment?

We are great planners,
amazing schedulers.
There are countless apps
to control our lives.

Did your phone tell you
to hug a stranger ever?
Was that tri-tone alert
instructing you to sing just for the love of music?

I'd love to know
what happened to random and spontaneous…?
When did 'impulsive'
leave our world?

I propose a toast
'To the bride, to the groom'
'The business deals'
But more importantly,

Don’t ask me why,
just listen.

We run, we jog
from meeting to meeting.
And yet we completely missed
the gorgeous autumn colors.

Our suits are power,
the ties match perfectly.
The crease in our pants
lead down to our designer shoes.

Ever thought of trying
unmatched socks?
Or better yet...
clashing colors?

Are you smiling now?
Are you kissing a love one after too long?

Be bold! Be daring!
Your comfort zone
is hindering the true experience
of a life stress free.

Yes, it's a toast I propose
With butter and jam.
Here's to you and me
As random as can be.

Written by:
Rod E. Kok
Boshika Gupta

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  1. Great write. Indeed we need more play in our lives. The brain, heart, and the soul need it in equal measure.

  2. My comment was not posted, and I was not notified that it is being moderated, so I am submitting another to test. Suggestion: You might want to consider turning off comment modification. You can just delete unwelcomed comments after they are entered. Just a thought.

  3. Fun!
    My philosophy blog is called TRIANGulations, so this caught my eye — and my last poem was about reverie during a potential moment.
    Fantastic post and I toast
    with butter and jam!

  4. Oh, I want the abandon of childhood again. Truly enjoyed.

  5. loved this – to toast and jam and unmatched socks! K

  6. haha i love it…and your toast meets the heart of this well…break free the chains we have given ourselves…and live spontaneously…remember what we had once before we let life dictate itself….

  7. Awesome! I want to stomp through those puddles…and have been known to do so before my daughter rolls her eyes and tells me to grow up. The frantic pace we exist in, only exists cause we let it. Wonderful tagteam writing. Love it!

  8. Since I have a Tinkerbell [granddaughter] who loves bubbles, who I can and do splash in puddles with, who shout I love you across a busy street at each other and who often share toast and jam, life doesn’t seem quite so hectic.
    Heres to jam triangles!
    A great joint effort that I really enjoyed reading.

  9. Loved it, felt like a walk through reality. Excellent